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Pics from the Strapper Demo day.

Created by DavidJohn > 9 months ago, 19 Nov 2011
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19 Nov 2011 10:20PM
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For those who couldn't make it today.. or went back to bed when they saw the foul weather.. here's some pics from today's big Strapper demo day at Torquay.


When I got to Torquay the heavy rain had stopped but there where big puddles in the carpark.. Starboard win for having the biggest van.

AA had set up all the PSH boards.. and they were looking good.

Here's AA and Rich from Strapper.

Kev was cleaning the BBQ and Sparrow was signing up for a demo.. I wonder if there's a small enough board for him.

The weather was cold, wet.. and a bit windy.. but still they came.

The Naish guys had a nice display and lots of boards to demo.

There were lots of new Starboards.. Lucky it wasn't too windy or these would have blown away.

The new 12'6" NSP is very different to the old (but still pretty new) 12' NSP.. The 12'6" looks more racy.

It was cold.. it was flat.. but before long there was SUP'ers everywhere.

I liked the new red Starboards with the wood decks.

I think alot of people just came to look because of the crappy weather.

I spotted this beautiful 12'6" DC that AA had.

Ross sucking in his guts.

Here's another new board from Starboard.

The day got colder.. wetter.. and windy'er.. so I went home and back to bed for a nanna nap.


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19 Nov 2011 8:01PM
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Another great happenings report cheers DJ,those PSH hull rippers look the goods.

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20 Nov 2011 3:47PM
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Great report Dave , thanks for supporting our SUP demo day it was great to see Rosco ,Brendan & yourself and so many Melbourne paddlers at Torquay .
I woke up during the massive thunderstorm at 3.15am Sat morning wondering what are we going to do?, will anyone even turn up but we set up the wind was light off shore and it was actually warmer in the water than on the beach anyway.

Everyone arrived and the Sup Lessons began with Cameron from Surf Sessions. Our lessons were totally booked out before the day , so we added more students to each group.

Chormack from Strapper Surf was busy all day registering everyone and juggling the lesson groups.

Kevin & Justin from Bass Strait Sup Club cooked the BBQ in challenging conditions but kept all the hungy paddlers happy.

Robdog gave all the new PSH Hull Rippers a solid work out!

Carl & Heath were stoked to try out all the new 2012 boards.

These guy's could not wait to tell me how good the waves were they surfed with no one out while i was setting up in the pooring rain , nice work Oran , Frank & John.

Mike DiSciascio from Strapper Surf & Ian from Starboard checking out the light weight brushed carbon models.

Aidan from Naish with the 8'5 Hokua.

Ankle high sets rolling in all day

Matt Lumley and Brendan ready for the snow and the swell to rise.

Everyone was Stoked !

Bass Strait Sup Club
Surf Session
Surfing Victoria
Torquay SLSC - David Nankervis
Strapper Surf


Ian from Starboard
Aidan from Naish
Andrew from Paddle Surf Hawaii & Quickblade
Matt from Global Surf Industries

With out your support this day just would not be possible, im looking forward to doing this again next year


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20 Nov 2011 5:19PM
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Thanks Rich and helpers for all your hard work in organising and running such a great day in spite of the weather. Thanks also to the SUP board distributors for providing a wide range of boards for us to demo. Had a ball and was able to decide what board I'm saving up for.


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