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Pseudo holidays

Created by pete53 2 months ago, 28 Jun 2021
NSW, 221 posts
28 Jun 2021 5:41PM
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Anyone else living past and/or future holidays from photos and drunken memories. Bloody lockdowns, lockouts and travel bans..yeah I support em but geez planned surf trips seem to get further away.anyhow here's reminiscing 2019 Taiwan trip. We rebooked as soon as we got back for 2020 and swore to make it an annual trip but between COVID and Chinese politics who knows.

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28 Jun 2021 7:08PM
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Wow.... ripping perfect conditions, no wonder you want to get back!
Looks like you boys had fun

Have faith... you will get back!

QLD, 1486 posts
29 Jun 2021 7:22AM
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Taiwan? Would have never been on my radar. But looks good.


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"Pseudo holidays" started by pete53