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SPSC 2019-20 SUP Surf Comps - Full Season Schedule

Created by tracikay 22 days ago, 1 Sep 2019
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1 Sep 2019 11:12AM
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SPSC Surf Comp Dates - Mark Your Calendars!

All of our surf comps will be at Palm Beach, but this year we have pre-approved a back-up location in case of bad weather conditions. This means less chance we will have to cancel a comp. If a backup location is needed, it will be announced a few days prior or as soon as possible.

Open Surfing Events
- Event #1: Nov 10
- Event #2: Feb 9
- Event #3: May 17

10+ SUP Surf Events
- Event #1: Sept 8
- Event #2: Dec 8 - Plus BOP race on 10 ft boards and SPSC Christmas BBQ
- Event #3: March 8

First 10 foot plus comp is in ONE WEEK! Register now!

Thanks to Jeremy Corne for the picture of last seasons Male Surfing Champion Marty Cole!


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"SPSC 2019-20 SUP Surf Comps - Full Season Schedule" started by tracikay