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SUP Vic 2020 events

Created by GT63 27 days ago, 31 Jan 2020
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31 Jan 2020 4:33PM
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If you have a competitive urge than some of the SUP Vic events maybe for you

We have refreshed our calendar which is available on our website .We have some surfing ,downwind ,and bay events plus some family fun events so hopefully something for all .

Later in the year Victoria will be the location for the SUP nationals , was a lot of good feedback last year so hopefully be the same this year .
To make sure you are in the Vic team @ Nationals enter a state qualifying event ,compete , go well and all going well you will be in our state team .Entry to State qualifying events is thru the Surfing Vic website .

We have a Surf comp @13 th beach 7 - 8 march ,and we have our team working on more during the year ,entry thru our website and is a cut off time for entries and no on the day entries .tickets up soon

Next weekend 7 -8 Feb we will be running the SUP Vic Port Phillip 2020 , a long standing event .There is a new location for this event and will be a short or long course .We have a new perpetual trophy so your name to get your name etched in history .For best conditions is a 2 day window and the call made late in the week .Entry thru our website or on the day ( will be extra on the day )

In the meantime a video from Gwen who has competed at a national level and is part of our surfing comp team .Gwen does a lot on you tube so subscribe to her channel



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