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SUP Vic Great Melbourne Paddle 2018 ,invite & info

Created by GT63 4 months ago, 19 Nov 2018
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19 Nov 2018 8:30PM
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The SUP VIC GREAT MELBOURNE PADDLE Sunday 2 Dec is the date for the 2018 SUP Vic Great Melbourne Paddle. We are looking to have a 'smorgasbord of paddle activities' with hopefully something for everyone. To help you get excited, here is an outline of the day. With just a bit of luck it may be warm and sunny, so please pack sunscreen and hydration. Unfortunately we are at the whim of the elements so sometimes our best made plans can change on the day. To assist us with planning please enter online at There are costs to running an event like this, but we are mindful of keeping costs to participants as low as possible. Whatever SUP club you are in, entry is the same price.

8.00am Registration OpensALL PADDLERS (even if you have entered online) are required to register on the day at the SUP Vic marquee. We will be handing out club tops when you register. To collect your top your membership must be current and have been taken out or renewed this financial year (ie, from 1 July 2018). If your membership falls outside of this then feel free to renew early or wait and receive your top when you renew your membership. We have extra tops but not a massive order (if needed we will re order a small batch in the new year). Some SUP Vic Life Members will be helping us with the distribution of tops and we thank them for this.

8.15am Social Paddle Course Opens The social crew will have a triangle course .They will head out and around a buoy. When the racing course opens they will share the initial leg but head in the other direction after the first buoy. The social course will be active throughout the event. Social paddlers, please be mindful of the racing crew. There will be water safety on the course as well.

8.15am 1SUP1 Tent Opens for Business If you like to get your hands on some quality SUP gear, look for the 1SUP1 Marquee and remember to bring some cash.

8 30 am 'Demo' Boards Will be on the Water .There will be a good display of Demo boards on the beach thanks to our 'Friends of SUP Vic'. Do yourself a favor and get out and try some different boards, styles and brands.

8.30am Big Inflatables Hit the Water There will be 4 'super SUPs' on the beach. These are pure fun making machines. Grab some friends and get on board.

8.30 - 10.00am Kids Finless Fun Comp WIN A SUP Board! This is for kids Under 15 YO. We will have some inflatables ready with no fins in them. To enter into the lucky dip to win a kids SUP, paddle out to a marker and back on a finless inflatable. A BIG THANKS to the team at SHQ for donating this awesome kid's board - what a prize!! And, kids are free at this event.

8.30am SUP Intro Session New to SUP?? This is just what you need!! Our good friends at SUP FIT will be providing some 'Intro to SUP' sessions. Look for their SUP Fit flags on the beach. We thanks them for their support. Note that the SUP FIT team will be racing, so no sessions during the race.

9.30am Beach Yoga Session If you are doing the race, some yoga is just the thing to help you get ready. There will be a beach yoga session for competitors AND all GMP paddlers.

10.00am SUP Vic GMP Sprint Race This year's race is a sprint event over four rounds. Yes, there will be four rounds of a 1.5km sprint race around a triangular course with a short break between each round. The course direction will alternate with each round. The overall winners, male and female, will have their name on the GMP trophy and be etched in history. There will be additional age groups with trophies and medals.

11.30am Presentations Head to the SUP Vic marquee for the presentations and prizes!

11.45am Catering Arrives Time to refuel your hungry bodies and to hang with your fellow paddlers.

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20 Nov 2018 7:29AM
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It's the biggest and best sup event in Melbourne.. and I'm looking forward to it..


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