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Starboard Sups making a difference

Created by Maxeeboy > 9 months ago, 21 Mar 2016
WA, 329 posts
21 Mar 2016 8:58AM
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On Saturday March 19th Trigg beach was the venue to get kids with Autism onto waves for the first time.
Surfers Healing Australia hosted the event & the day was incredible with quite a few of Perth's Sup community assisting & being rewarded by beautiful smiles.

Together we can all make a difference.

QLD, 150 posts
21 Mar 2016 1:35PM
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This is so good guys - great work, so great to see kids smiling.

WA, 329 posts
21 Mar 2016 11:42AM
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Sharing the stoke

VIC, 16063 posts
21 Mar 2016 4:04PM
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QLD, 72 posts
21 Mar 2016 6:58PM
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Magic. Nice work guys.

NSW, 12 posts
30 Mar 2016 2:59PM
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So cool for these kids. A day to be remembered for kids with Autism. Congratulations to the organisers you rock.

NSW, 63 posts
30 Mar 2016 3:45PM
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You bunch of legends, great work guys and gals.

VIC, 534 posts
30 Mar 2016 3:58PM
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A lot of great reading on their site

Also Clay did the one in sydney

Might be coming to Victoria next year.

The Journey

When I looked into your eyes
You didn't hold my gaze
I knew that you were different
In those early days

You didn't crave my cuddles
You wouldn't sleep at night
I knew deep down inside
That something wasn't right

You did not respond to me
When I called your name
I felt like a failure
And that I was to blame

I longed to hear your voice
But all you did was cry
I started to believe
There must be a reason why

When you got the diagnosis
I didn't know what to do
They told me you had Autism
And it would always be part of you

We had started a new journey
It had only just begun
I was still your mother
And you were still my son

Although you couldn't say the words
I knew you understood
That I would do my best for you
As every mother should

The road ahead was twisty
With many a sharp bend to turn
The path ahead seemed daunting
With so much about you to learn

Although I wasn't certain
Of exactly what to do
I soon began to realise
I would have to fight for you

Our journey would continue
We would stay on this road together
I would be right by your side
Always and forever

By Donna Woods

Also it is World Autism Day on the 2 April

Light up Blue

WA, 329 posts
30 Mar 2016 3:00PM
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Hey Matt, that vid is awesome & Clay is amazing, thanks for the share.

VIC, 534 posts
30 Mar 2016 5:37PM
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Maxeeboy said..

Hey Matt, that vid is awesome & Clay is amazing, thanks for the share.

Do a search on youtube, some great footage of him in WA

WA, 29 posts
30 Mar 2016 8:38PM
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That is awesome. I've been seeing heaps of articles lately about all the positives of surfing on both physical and mental health. Great to see kids stoked like that


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