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The Ultimate Waterman

Created by PhilBennett > 9 months ago, 16 Mar 2016
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16 Mar 2016 1:37PM
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Unsure if anyone has covered it, but The Ultimate Waterman is on currently and Zane Schweitzer just took out the SUP surfing which was hosted in the South Island of NZ.

We had the prone paddleboard (Zane won) and outrigger canoes last weekend (Danny Ching won). Its definitely worth checking out the pictures online.

More events to come!

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17 Mar 2016 3:00AM
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There is very little coverage of it over here which is disappointing. Regarding the contest it self I am very surprised Zane didn't play his 'joker (double points)' when it came to the SUP surf as he would have been the favorite going in. He is apparently using it in the long-board. That will be tough as DK is a very very good long-boarder and won that last time.

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17 Mar 2016 4:38PM
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It was on tv3 news last night and there was a full page spread of pics in The Herald on Monday plus there was some coverage of the day they did for Kala Alexanders Mauli Ola Foundation with the kids at Orewa on tv as well, which isn't too bad considering at this stage it really is a niche event.

The Ultimate Paddle on the Saturday was an awesome event, and all the pros were great ambassador, engaging with the fans both young and not so young.

The social media coverage has been really solid as well.

Hopefully they can build on it in the next few years

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18 Mar 2016 2:45AM
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On the plus DK won the shortboard surf yesterday

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21 Mar 2016 6:02AM
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Connor takes the wind in the last event yesterday the sup downwinder.
Zane takes the 2016 overall title.
Daniel Kereopa, NZ and last years champ takes 3rd overall

sup and crowning and overall standings in this video (also see the rest of them of each day on YT):

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21 Mar 2016 12:51PM
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You have to love the way NZ embraces indigenous culture. Connor Baxter crossing the line at the end of a distance race is greeted by two Maori dancers feigning to throw spears at him.

When Adam Goodes did that with a non-existent spear in an AFL game, half of Australia lost its **** and booed him for the rest of his career.


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