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Where to SUP surf on Yorkes Peninsula South East coast ?

Created by London 3 months ago, 30 Jul 2018
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30 Jul 2018 3:56PM
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I am going away for the weekend to Edithburg on the Yorks Peninsula with the family and friends.

I'm keen to go sup surfing. I know that all the action takes place in the Inneston reserve, but this will take to much time away from family.

I know that most of the East coast of the York's Peninsula is as flat as a pancake but I'm wondering if there are any breaks that will work for SUP surfing closer to Edithburg.

Looking at the map below, I would think something like Port Moorowie would get some smaller waves. it is in the line up for swell ? Seems like their is a long piece of beach with almost no houses.......................anybody know if the surf ever wraps around to these beaches below ? Thanks for the info

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30 Jul 2018 7:45PM
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The point you have circled number 1 is Sultana point and there is zero chance of you surfing there. Nice spot for a paddle tho. There is waves on the most SE point but requires certain conditions which don't happen too often.
You can get waves a Port Moorowie although not great. Breaks on similar conditions to the mid.
3 and 4 no real wave options and it would take you the same time to get there as it would to drive to Daly Heads on the west coast which has heaps of good wave options.
Id take the family for a drive over the other side. Stunning scenery and far more interesting than the east coast.IMO


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"Where to SUP surf on Yorkes Peninsula South East coast ?" started by London