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Created by supthecreek 1 month ago, 11 Jul 2020
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11 Jul 2020 10:08AM
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fun is, as fun does

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11 Jul 2020 8:45PM
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12 Jul 2020 8:45AM
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Wow, that black bird makes it looks ominous, then the people on the beach and the seagull make it all ok again

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13 Jul 2020 8:05AM
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I liked making this video, because it really wasn't about SUP surfing at all....
it was finding some great images that SoloShot focused on, in and out of the fog, that intrigued me.

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13 Jul 2020 12:21PM
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Cool vid STC

Last year I had one sup surf in the fog.
From the beach you couldn't see the unbroken wave only whitewater.
From the line up you couldn't see the beach or any landmarks to line up on.
Took a few waves to get dialed and had less time to react to set waves as they just appeared.
Being foggy meant no wind and so glassy

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13 Jul 2020 1:59PM
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I had some sessions in the fog, but it was really spooky as I shared the spot (outer sand banks) with professional fishermen fishing squids (called "Chipirons" locally): they "surf" the shallows on their boats with trailing lines(*). So it can be quite spooky to see a boat emerging from the fog at 100ft and coming towards you...

I wear a red fluo lycra on top of my wetsuit for these sessions... and tend to avoid really dense fog.

(*) The charismatic Quicksilver CEO, Pierre Agnes, even was lost at sea there 2 years ago fishing Chipirons in the fog alone - a foolish move, but common with local fishermen: you should always have one man on the boat dedicated to watching sets... not speaking of running the risk running over other boats or... surfers.

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13 Jul 2020 5:01PM
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bobajob said..
Wow, that black bird makes it looks ominous, then the people on the beach and the seagull make it all ok again

I was thinking Tonto from the lone ranger
just waiting for a palomino to be standing in a tree

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13 Jul 2020 5:49PM
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I once got lost in the fog on Westernport.
Totally lost my sense of direction, could see breaking water where there shouldn't be breaking water, no idea where the shore was.
Ended up sitting down to wait for the fog to lift, to discover when it did I was about 20m from the beach.
Really spooky.

Gone to dark side
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13 Jul 2020 6:09PM
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Done the fog paddled out at Cronulla to find 50 to 60 Surfers out the back.

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14 Jul 2020 3:14PM
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Very cool STC. You mentioned the soloshot. Would appreciate your thoughts on its function and if a worthwhile purchase. Being the photographer and videographer, for all my crew, it might be nice to get a few shots of myself.

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15 Jul 2020 9:28PM
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Hi Sandsy

SoloShot3 Optic65 is the only option for quality "follow me" videos (I suppose some drones can now do a limited amount)
It's not perfect by any means, but it has improved over the years.

Most of the time it does follow me these days, because we users have shared tips on how to get it to be more reliable.

Basically that means you have to dedicate 20 minutes of your session to:
1- setting up the camera
2- sitting around waiting, while your buds are surfing.
3- Calibrate
4- check that it's following, go surfing... or whatever.

Hard to do when surf is going off, but great results when you get it right

Be emotionally prepared when something fails after the best session in years

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17 Jul 2020 7:18PM
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Your dedication and sacrifice to so dial in this camera is really a gift to us. That gliding out of the fog was beautiful. This camera makes these waves so enjoyable to watch. Would not work as well POV.


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