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Bali Bukit July 2019

Created by MickPC A week ago, 9 Sep 2019
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9 Sep 2019 3:21PM
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I've done a few blog type posts over the years of surftrips, taken some pics/vids & written some rambling BS. Have wanted to take it another step & create a site for a long time. Turned out heaps harder than expected, but I almost have it how I want it.

There's a few pics from Bali last July & I'm still editing vids. Just getting a handle on how to do things, sites still pretty rough.

Plan to add stuff from the past/future as time permits & open to critique haha but lets face it you gotta be on Seabreeze...cheers

Yes I had the wrong board & legrope for maxing Bingin

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9 Sep 2019 3:55PM
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"Not supposed to drop in"
But my fun is more important than yours
Good work mate

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10 Sep 2019 11:12AM
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Love ya work Mick

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Wednesday , 11 Sep 2019 12:23PM
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Epic work mick proper content
thank you

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Thursday , 12 Sep 2019 12:41AM
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Good on you. Web work isn't that easy - I've done enough to know it's a bit painful.

Love the pics.

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Thursday , 12 Sep 2019 8:29PM
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Here's a photo out Uluwatu a two days ago was fun reasonably uncrowded.
I don't know how to post the photo

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Thursday , 12 Sep 2019 8:53PM
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Cheers guys!

Pedster click to the right of "Shop" up top. If you uploaded a pic for your profile, you would have a pic there. You havn't, so it will be something else. Click there & a dropdown box will have stuff, click "profile". Scroll down "Browse gallery", click it & then you should see a "upload photo" button. Click it, upload from your PC, save, you will see a link you can cop/paste it into your post. Thats probably the long way coz I see a "add photo's button beneath the cancel & post button while I type this...but thats how I've always done it coz I like to preview first & order sequences.

Drip its the first Wordpress site I've made. I think they went so out of the way to simplify things it made some things hard to do coz you need all kinds of plugins. I made a couple of sites for Uni with just HTML 20 years ago & it seemed simpler lol & a weebly one for another domain that only took a few hours to complete. But I think once I have things sorted it will be ok. Not happy with the photo size atm, they're 4k shots resized to 1080 but they seem lesser quality...I can see that it will be beneficial in the end though for a non static evolving site


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