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Bad Case of Cabin Fever

Created by lakeeffect A week ago, 3 Dec 2019
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3 Dec 2019 6:15AM
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It snowed today, but not enough to go sking. And my head is still stuck in foiling mode. I'm new to this and I got about 11 sessions in for about 17 minutes up on the foil. I've had a big question since I started about where the neutral point is on the wing/stab assembly. I've handle to question up to this point by getting on the board and moving around until I felt in control. But today I got some measurements of my I 84 wing and 48 stab and plugged them into a model airplane neutral point calculator. Below are the results

The measurements are in centimeters. The neutral point is 15.92 cm from the leading edge or 6.27 inches. I'm not schooled is this stuff, but someone who is may certainly comment.


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"Bad Case of Cabin Fever" started by lakeeffect