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Cheap windfoil board

Created by docfins 1 month ago, 7 Apr 2020
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7 Apr 2020 4:38PM
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You can pick up these old kite race boards for next to nothing. Dimensions overall pretty close to the latest batch of dedicated foil boards. A bit rough round the edges but I'll tidy it up if it works ok. Thoughts??

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7 Apr 2020 3:11PM
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Looks great !
one of my sailing buddies has done it and it works well. The only drawback is the low volume (90ish liters) makes up hauling tricky

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7 Apr 2020 8:24PM
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I have one of those, 92L, uphaulable (I was 84Kg naked back then) because of the volume distribution, but takes some practice. I prefer my F-One boards which are both smaller in dimensions, and with 10-15L more volume. In terms of wind needed to get going they are neigh on identical. 11 knots or so with 4.8 freestyle sail back when I last used it over a year ago.

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8 Apr 2020 12:22AM
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This looks like a terrific medium to high wind board and a great use for these short-lived race boards if you can find one. Great job!

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8 Apr 2020 6:54AM
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docfins said..
You can pick up these old kite race boards for next to nothing.

pick them up real quick cause over here everybody's buying them for wing foiling !

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8 Apr 2020 8:43AM
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I picked this up brand new for $200. Looks a bit ropey where I've lifted the old pads off and inset wood panels and reinforced etc. I started this project over a year ago and then 'life got in the way'. I didn't take it any further until recently when I saw the new batch of super small dedicated foil boards emerge. Unfortunately I put the initial mast tracks too far forwards on the underside. In recent weeks I've added a couple of extenders which should allow a good range on the foil/mast positioning. It's yet to hit the water. I'll let you know how it goes in due course, but it sounds as though it should be ok based on other feedback on this forum.

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8 Apr 2020 2:53PM
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Have the last North 69. Put foil deep tuttle box an mast track. Using it with SS 76 Infinity. Great board for 13 knots or more. But when the wind suddenly died, have to be rescued, because I couldn't uphaul. Switch in the water with one of lightest riders and he managed to uphaul.

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8 Apr 2020 10:59PM
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I guess in hindsight The "error" in original track placement should enable me to be able to use this to wing foil when I eventually get a wing

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24 May 2020 8:36AM
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I have got the same board I'm turning into a windfoil board as well. just out of interest did you use it with the master tracks too far forward what actually happened was there too much lift.? what foil are you using I am trying to use the board for both winging and wind foiling and have noticed there is an issue with track placement although I have a slingshot fuselage with three settings that may allowed just for one set of boxes


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