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Ezzy Hydra

Created by Cluffy 8 months ago, 13 Jul 2018
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13 Jul 2018 7:14PM
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An interesting approach indeed. From a noob/freeride foiler point of view I like the soft section and the idea behind the long foot batten but I don't know if it needs to be that long lol. Ezzy have never been afraid to think outside of the box but they are a long way from mainsteam on this one. I think I get where they are coming from though. The hydra looks like a very noob friendly foiling sail.

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13 Jul 2018 9:47PM
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13 Jul 2018 10:22PM
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TESTIMONIALS (from Ezzy website)

Sailed the Hydra 6.0 yesterday. Light north east wind 8-17 mph. Starboard formula 158.I rigged the sail in the shop when I first received it and it looked small for a 6.0. (probably because of the shape). Yesterday, rigged it and was pretty sure I would be right back in for a 7.5 (it really looks small). This sail is extremely light, making it very easy to handle and pumping takes a lot less effort (same with uphauling).Pumped it up on a plane (which did not require that much effort, much to my surprise). I was able to set the Hydra, lock in, and start driving with my feet and slight body movements. I was able to keep the foil at the level I wanted and sustain it with very little effort.I think not having so much weight aloft is a hell of advantage (really reduces the pitching moment) for being much easier to handle. Anyone can balance a 6 ft dowel on their nose, add a ? ounce lead sinker to the end of the dowel and it is impossible. For beginners like myself, I think this sail is a must have. Because you can set it and concentrate on body movements to maintain foil height and drive the board. In my opinion after sailing the Hydra, I think the traditional windsurf sail allows way too much sail movement for foiling. The hydra will pretty much set itself and allow you to concentrate on driving with your feet and slight body movements.-Shawn Kempton, USA

Been using the hydra in Greece. Yesterday, no one else on the water was planing. Other foilers were trying to plane on 6.5 5-batten rigs- regular windsurfers on 8.0's not planning. I was using the 5.5 Hydra and flying-- could not believe it .It's interesting windsurfers just don't believe you can foil with a smaller Ezzy Hydra sail ....Many non believers to be converted.Once you are going, you don't really need the harness. It was like flying across the water.-Simon Basset, UK

Sounds good.


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