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SS 84 rear stab

Created by Heliboy999 Tuesday, 11 Jun 2019
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Tuesday , 11 Jun 2019 10:12PM
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Hi everyone from UK.

I have just gone over to the SS 84 big front wing and also the big 48 rear stab.

Been using the 84 with the H2 blue stab and want to see what difference the larger rear wing makes.

I have Mounted the stab with wingtips facing down, with the stab on the underside of the fuse, matching the front wing.
The H2 set up with the smaller rear stab has it placed on top of the fuse with the wing tips facing up.

Anyone tell me why the difference?
Does it really matter which way up?

Thank you

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Thursday , 13 Jun 2019 12:16PM
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I love that black and blue.

I think it has more to do with the "profile" of the stabilizer not the direction of the wing tips. I believe the 48cm was always intended to be mounted underneath the fuselage so probably is a profile to suit.

By the way I could not make the 48cm stabilzer work with the long fuselage, only with the short fuselage.

Te Hau
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Thursday , 13 Jun 2019 12:55PM
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Very important.
The foil sections are asymmetrical.
The front wing is lifting, so the curved surface upward. flatter face is downward,
Opposite for the rear stabilizer, curved face downward facing.


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