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Wing foiling on Windfoil boards gimmick

Created by RAL INN A week ago, 12 Oct 2019
VIC, 2764 posts
12 Oct 2019 7:17AM
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In the area of Freeride Windfoil, smaller boards are fun.
and to the point of having one board to Windfoil Supfoil and surf foil.
Now add Wingfoil.
Next add a range of Wingfoil sizes and what looked like a marketing gimmick by some mainline companies has been taken to a new level by the innovators of this sport.

A picture of the 8m Wingfoil being tested. To compliment the 4 and 6.

One board one foil. Just add power source.

WA, 482 posts
Monday , 14 Oct 2019 5:29AM
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6-8m plus harness lines is starting to look like a viable light wind option now. Will be interesting to hear the reviews

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Monday , 14 Oct 2019 7:17PM
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Yesterday with a 5m F-One Swing, 2200 wing and 120L sup I was going in about 10 kts. I think sizing is very similar to windfoiling, as I can get going in about the same with my freestyle windfoil set (4.9/900 wing).

Wingsurfing is very easy to learn, and not heavy at all. I think the harnesslines are not necessary. The swing has the option of adding them, but without them I can easily wing for 6 or 7 hours on a day.

I use the Swing on flat water, but I think in waves it is way, way more fun.


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