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2018 Chrissy Santa Downwinder Sunshine Coast QLD

Created by Underoath A week ago, 27 Nov 2018
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27 Nov 2018 3:13PM
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Hello Sunny Coast Windsurfers

It's that time of year again!

22rd Dec!

23th back up.

1) South Wind - Cotton Tree to Yaroomba North Wind - Yaroomba to Cotton Tree
2) 2pm start.
3) Dress up- Santa Suit. $10 bucks at Kmart/Big W.
4) Bring a smile.
5) Beers at the end

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28 Nov 2018 12:46AM
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I'm in with either method of transportation, if its windy I'll sail ...light will kite :)
bonus points for going around ol woman?!
Should post in the Qld section.

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3 Dec 2018 3:57PM
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I was contacted by AquaPlow who had a good ideas to make this years event bigger in terms of turnout.

If we have favorable conditions this year we should have a longer down winder that includes a larger section of the Sunny Coast.

We are thinking a 1pm Start at Peregian Beach and a 2pm start at Yaroomba. By starting at Peregian Beach we are adding another 7kms to the down winder!

Finish at Majimba or Maroochydore.

For all the people who live North, finishing at Majimba allows for easy transport home on the Coast bus.


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"2018 Chrissy Santa Downwinder Sunshine Coast QLD" started by Underoath