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Angles and Vectors In Wavesailing

Created by Reflex Films 9 months ago, 5 Jul 2018
Reflex Films
WA, 1357 posts
5 Jul 2018 10:39PM
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Who likes Croissant?

WA, 591 posts
6 Jul 2018 10:51AM
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Super useful info, thanks Matt

I reckon another advantage if it's properly windy, of onshore over side-shore, is the wave face is less choppy.

Al Planet
TAS, 1398 posts
6 Jul 2018 5:13PM
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nice summary.....should have thrown some "cheese rolls" in there somewhere though!

WA, 361 posts
6 Jul 2018 11:00PM
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I remember that cross-on results in jumping into clean wind behind the wave. Side-off has very messy wind on the other side.

lao shi
WA, 1193 posts
7 Jul 2018 11:19PM
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Thanks, Professor Matt!
I am enjoying the croissants in Lyon at the moment!
Shame there are no waves.
Have been going for a few triples though


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