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Cyclops extension / pulley mod

Created by robbo1111 Two weeks ago, 9 Jun 2019
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9 Jun 2019 10:37AM
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For those of you with older Severne sails who have just bought a Cyclops extension here is a 2 minute pulley mod. It's similar to a previous post but instead of grinding away the full pulley circumference you just grind a notch in each pulley. When rigging and de-rigging just line the notches up and feed the downhaul through

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10 Jun 2019 12:34AM
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I have the Cyclops, which I use with 2019 wave sails and with my earlier Severne models.
The loop and go system is quick, but it doesn't take much longer with older sails to simply take the downhaul rope end through the left and right hand pulleys and then hook the loop over the new cyclops rear lug pulley.
I really can't see the need to modify the pulleys on older sails.


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