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Jerry's All-time Super Duper Duck Gybe

Created by jh2703 > 9 months ago, 11 Jun 2015
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11 Jun 2015 6:44PM
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I did post this over in the GPS section but someone though I should share over here as not everyone may visit the GPS forum. It's a cracker of a duck gybe that is timed to perfection...Super Star in my eyes.

Stomped it!

QLD, 2995 posts
11 Jun 2015 8:14PM
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Gybing is the thing!

WA, 1333 posts
12 Jun 2015 12:00AM
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Is a bee's d!ck away from...

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12 Jun 2015 4:12AM
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Kissing the water with the mast, is the ultimate, I try to do that every time, it also means that you'll be coming out of the gybe with more speed.
If done perfectly, you can blast out of the gybe faster than with a regular gybe. If done that way every time, you can win races by rounding the buoy faster than anyone else, but it's the odds of success, and the need for a bit more room, that prevent racers from trying that.

NSW, 693 posts
12 Jun 2015 9:51AM
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Sweet gybe Jerry, I love the commitment through the transition. Years of practise right there!!!!!!

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12 Jun 2015 1:01PM
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Hey Jase, thanks for bringing Jerrys duck jibe across, I did not think they would
appreciate it as much in speed talk even though it was very quick with very
strong wind that day. You could even put it on the wave sailing site.
Gybing Master Class by Jerry.

VIC, 142 posts
12 Jun 2015 9:11PM
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If you scroll down fast enough its like watching a flip book animation xD


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