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Mistral Superlight 11 Repair

Created by Old Salty 2 months ago, 16 Jun 2019
Old Salty
VIC, 1264 posts
16 Jun 2019 3:13PM
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Decided to have a go at a winter project and repair an old mistral Superlight 11 for some cruising.
Can you get replacement parts like mast track, gasket and foot straps
Reading online suggests it is epoxy construction
I assume modern foot straps will be okay for back straps but what would people suggest for replacing the longer foot straps at the front?

The mast track movement is very stiff and lets go of the mast foot when under pressure?
Have people been able to replace the fitting that holds the mast foot without replacing the whole track system?

Have people had success in fitting a standard mast foot system to the existing track?

Tried glueing rubber onto board for gasket system and used sikaflex marine grade adhesive and sealant but did not work. What adhesive would people recommend for sticking rubber to the board?

A few small scratches and dings. What would people recommend to fill and seal?

VIC, 649 posts
16 Jun 2019 5:38PM
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Hello, Salty,

Suggest you Google under "Mistral Superlight Repair" and see if that helps.

I found this under that search:

Wouldn't think that parts are readily available, so you might have to look for a donor board.

Hope this helps.

VIC, 2121 posts
16 Jun 2019 6:02PM
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If you don't want to adjust the mast position while sailing it is a very easy fix . Get a thick plate or block of brass that fits in the slot and drill and tap an M8 hole in the middle. Then you can use a standard mast base .

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16 Jun 2019 4:30PM
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Don't know about the parts ,but you can buy 2 pack white shelly's epoxy .or epi fill

that board brings back some memories ..
I had the escape and Malibu .,

VIC, 2518 posts
16 Jun 2019 6:50PM
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Pretty much the same way I did it, except I used a bigger hammer . I run a convention base in mine and it will still slide. Just cut in a rebate into the car and glue in the nut.

QLD, 1454 posts
16 Jun 2019 7:18PM
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If youre just cruisin around n mowing the grass adjustable on the fly isnt necessary. On one of my mistrals i used an alloy plate n a piece of cutting board. Screw in mast base pulled the cutting board up under the top lip of track. Allows for adjustment or removal if needed.

WA, 2668 posts
17 Jun 2019 8:40PM
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Another option might be to replace the track completely with the Bruce Kendall Glide track.
Want to make your old school board faster? Put in Bruce Kendall 's Glide mast track in it. This Lechner owner in the USA managed to do it.

Ask Bruce Kendall.
see: and

WA, 2668 posts
17 Jun 2019 8:46PM
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Fixed option:

WA, 1383 posts
Wednesday , 21 Aug 2019 2:41PM
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Hi, not sure if you solved any of your problems, but i have just bought a Superlight 2, my track was a bit hard to slide so i watched the video above and just cleaned it out the dirt and crap then lubed the wheels, almost works to easy now, as far as mast base, i have a uni that uses the factory pin but it's a cup base but all my extensions are a euro pin, so i have just been using my severne uni base so i can use a pin extension, it works perfect, my slider has the threaded insert and the mistral i pin insert. You just have to make sure the bolt for the base isn't to long and scrapes the bottom if the track.

Im also after so new gasket rubber if you found a solution.

WA, 1679 posts
Wednesday , 21 Aug 2019 3:45PM
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Epiglue works a treat for gaskets from Witworths. Search WindPower for Mistral parts and videos too.

NSW, 129 posts
Wednesday , 21 Aug 2019 5:57PM
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A good buy for someone in SA


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