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Next trip to Costa Rica, video

Created by gtj101 2 months ago, 6 Dec 2018
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6 Dec 2018 6:02AM
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So, I was thinking and thinking about Australia. As some may remember, last spring when I was in Europe I was talking about going to Australia this winter. After all that thinking, I decided to report my trip to Australia. Will have to work on that a bit more to do it. What ever, I decided to return to Costa Rica again at the lake Arenal because it's much more easier for me and some friends to go there. In the same time, there is the wind factor, it will blow every days, so I will have my fix. I wont see your spots, but one day I will be more organize and ready to go.

Until then, I made a little video clip to help me waiting until the 26th of decembre for two months. Here it is for the fun of windsurf action, even in a lake.

Cheers, have some good sailing too!


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"Next trip to Costa Rica, video" started by gtj101