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Created by ducati 7 months ago, 12 Aug 2018
QLD, 414 posts
12 Aug 2018 5:20PM
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Having lost a few fins to hitting wildlife and sandbanks in the past it was suggested to me by local sailor Steve to carry a Trolling Paravane
instead of swimming in, waiting for a tow or friggin' round tying your harness round the back of the board.
I had cause to use it today and was surprised how ridiculously simple and effective it was to use and you can stuff it in your pocket or vest and only $13 @ BCF

QLD, 210 posts
12 Aug 2018 5:32PM
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With a name like Ducati I hope you own one. And that looks **** easy we done I will have to get one.

Mark _australia
WA, 18816 posts
12 Aug 2018 5:28PM
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Wow what a great idea. Would never have thought of it.

A must for anyone sailing long distance or way offshore

WA, 8984 posts
12 Aug 2018 5:33PM
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What difference if any does the length of line make?

QLD, 1115 posts
12 Aug 2018 9:14PM
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^^ Just guessing, but ive used them fishing. Longer line allows paravane to dive deeper. At the cost of extra drag from the line which prevents it diving correctly. But we are talking 50m+ of line. Id think 1-2m should be ample to get home.

WA, 467 posts
12 Aug 2018 7:54PM
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Yeah great idea


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