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Recommendations for kite spots Africa

Created by KateP > 9 months ago, 15 Feb 2016
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15 Feb 2016 8:41AM
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Hi There,
I am finalising a trip to Botswana this year and want to tag on 10 days kitesurfing.
Our window is June to end of September and looking more likely to be September now. I have looked at both Vilanculos in Mozambique and Paje in Zanzibar but get conflicting information online on website, then windfiner historic data tells me something different and it's different again from the resorts.
If anyone has information from their travels on either of these two spots it would be much appreciated i.e. best month from June-September to be kiting, avg no. wind days and typical wind conditions.

SA, 3433 posts
15 Feb 2016 10:49AM
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I recommend asking in the Kiting section though i'm sure there'll be some intrepid travellers able to assist.
June - Sept sounds more like tropical trade wind times so you might get lucky in Mozambique that time of year


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"Recommendations for kite spots Africa" started by KateP