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Shark sightings

Created by Puppet > 9 months ago, 3 Sep 2016
VIC, 38 posts
3 Sep 2016 2:31PM
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Hi All

Anyone actually sighted or encountered a shark whilst sailing?



Orange Whip
QLD, 597 posts
3 Sep 2016 2:48PM
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Bullshark about 100 metres from shore, 1 hour before high tide in about a metre of water, rolling around feasting on fish, New Year's Eve 2013. No encounter, it didn't give a ****e about me.

TAS, 506 posts
3 Sep 2016 2:51PM
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A few times. Hammerheads. Broken Bay and Pittwater. They are no worries. I like having them around.

3045 posts
3 Sep 2016 1:11PM
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I hit one at full speed, nice catapult and he probably was more surprised than me.....
Was a baby shark though

QLD, 1945 posts
3 Sep 2016 3:51PM
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Sailed over the top of a 6ft grey nurse shark heading out to sea at dusk in float and ride conditions on a sinker wave board at the Cliff, Newcastle. It was probably too small to be bothered with me, but provided great motivation not to drob the gybe and sail straight back to shore and head home

WA, 69 posts
3 Sep 2016 2:21PM
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Saw a loan shark in the car park once

NSW, 1104 posts
3 Sep 2016 4:52PM
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Seen one yesterday hugging the shore. Looked about 8 ft. Rigged up, went out, vowed to run it over if it came near me. Usually see one every few months- so far this year 90 kg bull sharks, smallish hammers and a 200 kg mako. This one yesterday looked a grey nurse- odd to see one right on the beach. Plenty out on the headlands and inshore islands.

NSW, 2838 posts
3 Sep 2016 5:45PM
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Have seen small hammerheads at Long Reef and a very decent size bronze whaler off Collaroy.

WA, 71 posts
3 Sep 2016 5:03PM
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Sailed past a hammerhead out back of Scarborough years ago. Nearly got taken out by a flying manta ray up on corros which shivered me timbers more

Paddles B'mere
QLD, 2380 posts
3 Sep 2016 7:40PM
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We saw a big bull shark jump out the water (only guessing at a bully because they apparently do this) last Christmas at Sandstone and then apparently it popped up right next to me, I didn't see it but Roofer Adam did so we packed up for the day as the water had a bit of runoff in it and just didn't feel right and conditions were perfect for a mistaken identity (ie me for food). Roofer Adam has got a cracker phone video of (again assuming) bullsharks in a frenzy right inshore next to the boulder reef at Sandstone from last year too so we know they're there somewhere just not usually while we're around.

WA, 88 posts
3 Sep 2016 5:52PM
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Lawyers are living all along the beach front at Melville.

NSW, 1010 posts
3 Sep 2016 7:58PM
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I have windsurfed for 20 years now locations have been rivers bays oceans lakes inshore offshore from west coast to eastcoast where l reside (Sydney) never seen one.l guess you could call me lucky

WA, 919 posts
3 Sep 2016 6:26PM
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6m great white at Dutch inn, Cottesloe. A week later(2000), Ken Crew was attacked. I reported the afternoon I saw it, they asked "so, you have a marine pest sighting?" I said no, it wasn't a "pest", it was a f$$ken big shark!!

NSW, 762 posts
3 Sep 2016 8:55PM
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I know of 2 people having their boards being bit whilst sailing along slowly and personally know 3 other friends that have actually been attacked and wounded (2 surfing, 1 kitesurfing).

I have seen a fair few and they have all been very uninterested in me,just cruising around doing shark things

3021 posts
3 Sep 2016 6:57PM
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Where we sail in the ocean ,we jump off a pier

the fisherman seem to time filleting their fish and chucking it in at the same time we come in after a 3 hour session ..
need to say it has heaps of sharks ...I never fall off ..I basically ride my board right up on the slide ..
I fell off right near it and this massive groper Skelton washed right up near me and onto me ...I thought I was a gonna .
i sheet myself .
out side seen hammerheads .sunning ..and the reef sharks take off like a rocket when they hear you coming ...with the slapping of the board.

they are there ...I SEE NOTHING .

VIC, 96 posts
4 Sep 2016 3:10PM
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Only one I have ever seen was a few 100 mtrs off shore of Pambula nsw. It was a hammer head about3-4 ft long. Nearly soiled my wetsuit

WA, 1211 posts
4 Sep 2016 2:03PM
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Years ago 6 footer at cottesloe dutch in very close to shore. Followed by a 7 footer at Scarbs. Seen another basking in the sun at scarbs 20m off shore. Also seen big turtles, seals, Dolphins and flying fish all locally.

WA, 368 posts
4 Sep 2016 8:59PM
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Was waterstarting about 1km off blue bay at halls head mandurah years ago. Just got out of the water and something big popped up just where i was a few second befor. Scared the innards out of me, i pumped like crazy then looked back to see the dog head of a big seal. What relief.

WA, 1620 posts
4 Sep 2016 9:35PM
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When i was in high school we were sailing off the Spoil Bank one sunday arvo, about 3 or 4 of us but without one of the regulars. Got to school on monday and we were all talking about the great arvo session when the missing mate pipes up about how he and his fishing buddy hooked a huge ,bigger than the boat hammerhead and were dragging it to the Spoil Bank, as it was way to big for the boat. All was great until it broke free just before the could land it near where we were sailing.

Fun days back then on 10foot glass Lindsay Park board, Storm 8s & 9s, canard fins, football fins no cam sails green Rotho masts. Sarolea, Cowan, Byleveld, Lindsay, Bucky, Willsy and a few adults too


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