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Youth Racing

Created by cammd 1 month ago, 13 Jan 2020
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13 Jan 2020 8:28PM
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This season must be the best for a long time regarding youth participating in organised racing

Techno class are currently contesting their Nationals at Sorrento with a fleet of 28
Raceboard class has 1/3rd of the fleet under 23 (approx 10)
Not sure of the wallies but I think they have close to 20 entered (running at the same time as the RBs)
Foils Nationals have youth entered this year as well I think for the first time in Australia

That is a massive turn around on a few years ago, last time the Techno Nationals were at Sorrento I think there was lucky to be half a dozen kids and very few were doing any other Regatta's . Well done coaches, volunteers, classes and everyone involved in getting youth into organised racing. I still think its the best way to get kids into this sport.

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13 Jan 2020 9:54PM
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It's great to see juniors doing some competitive course racing, no matter what its on.

great to see a fledgling fleet of technos with some very keen sailors in Perth too.


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