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Locosys replacement offer for broken strap or glass

Created by decrepit > 9 months ago, 4 Apr 2018
WA, 8972 posts
4 Apr 2018 2:07PM
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Mark of Surf Sail Aus just sent me this from locosys.

LOCOSYS Refurbished Program (Model: GW-60) -
Brief: LOCOSYS is glad to provide the refurbished program (Model: GW-60) for some of our users who accidentally break the watch, damage the band and wouldn't like to buy a new one.
A refurbished GW-60 which means it's not brand new, but every GW-60 have been carefully inspected and generally in good condition in functionality.
Offer: Price: $65 USD/ea
Shipping: (It depends and gets it by reaching LOCOSYS sales rep., please.)
Who qualifies: Users who accidentally break the watch or damage the band and under warranty coverage.
Remarks:If you are concerning the appearance of a refurbished GW-60 to be brand new, we'll suggest you buy a new GW-60.
The stock for the program is limited and changed daily.
LOCOSYS has the right to change, suspend or terminate the program at any time without prior notice.
(I) Claim your case to our dealers who you purchased GW-60 from.
(II) Check qualifications by providing user name, GW-60 serial numbers and damage photos.
(III) LOCOSYS check the availability of the program and then confirm your case by issuing RMA request form(w/ RMA#).
(IV) Customer fills and returns RMA request form and keeps RMA# for case follow-up checking.
(V) After refurbished unit gets ready, LOCOSYS serves you by issuing Proforma Invoice(PI) for customer's confirmation and payment arrangement.
(VI) Ship back your damaged GW-60 to LOCOSYS (via dealer or directly.)
How to ship it back -
(1) Ship with full box (including USB cable.)
(2) Ship with filled paper RMA request form.
(3) Ship with invoice amount not higher than US$100.0
(4) Mark "samples no commercial value" on your AWB or invoice.
(5) Ship to LOCOSYS office by below address.
(6) Provide LOCOSYS with the tracking no. after shipping out.

LOCOSYS TECHNOLOGY INC.20F-13, No.79, Sec.1, Xintai 5th Rd., Xizhi Dist., New Taipei City.
22101 Taiwan R.O.C.
TEL: 886-2-8698-3698 ext: 111
FAX: 886-2-8698-3699
Attn.: Willy Tsai

(VII) LOCOSYS confirm the condition of customer's shipped-back GW-60 and customer's payment.
(VIII) LOCOSYS ship out refurbished GW-60 to end customer (or deale

VIC, 2407 posts
4 Apr 2018 6:38PM
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Do I read this right?? It will cost you $65usd to get a new band under warranty. ???

WA, 345 posts
4 Apr 2018 5:52PM
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I've seen this sort of "refurbished" deal before where they just send you a new one. They may not want to admit that the product is only worth $65. Sounds like a good deal.

QLD, 1596 posts
4 Apr 2018 9:30PM
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thanks Decrepit, may be worthwhile for some of us

WA, 247 posts
4 Apr 2018 8:37PM
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Not a good deal for those of you with broken bands though better than nothing I suppose. (is it legal?)

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5 Apr 2018 2:59PM
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Thanks for the info, and good news (hopefully).

I had contact with Willy Tsay so I messaged him yesterday and requested to confirm info and propose way formard for my case.

Hope to get a reply. Will let you know.

QLD, 646 posts
6 Apr 2018 1:07PM
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I think it's probably worth contacting ABC 'S "The Checkout" show as they seem to be the experts on Australian consumer law.. I seem to recall that all products retailed in AUS have a mandatory 12 month guarantee and that it continues up to three years as being "fit for purpose"
Either way if it breaks or stops within 12 months they have an obligation to remedy the situation under the act.


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