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2023/24 Race Season for Fin, Foil, iQ & WindWings

Created by berowne 3 months ago, 21 Aug 2023
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21 Aug 2023 7:01PM
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The Windsurfing NSW crew has been busy over winter planning a VERY exciting season of sailing for 2023/24 weather you ride a fin, foil, wing, formula foil or iQ. If you are a regular racer, or are just curious about competing, and learning how to improve your skills faster, we encourage you to get in touch, and attend at least one of these events!

Racing is a great way to improve your skills, watch and learn from other riders, and meet up with like-minded people. Racing is being supported out of 4 clubs around Sydney and Lake Macquarie this season with a full calendar of events catering for social riders all the way up to Olympic qualification events!

This year we have a number of 1, 2, and 3 day events across greater Sydney and Lake Macquarie and even a 5 day iQ Olympic qualifying event on Botany Bay. We have the following events, some for Fin or Foil Slalom/GPS, some for Formula Foil (including iQ), and at almost all these events we welcome Wind Wings! There is also an exciting confirmation from Georges River Sailing Club (GRSC) for a new home base for all forms of foil racing in South Sydney, on Botany Bay ahead of the Nationals! We are also running two "Foil Expo's" to highlight all forms of wind/wing foiling to curious people across Sydney.

Sailing Clubs supporting Slalom, Formula Foil and Wind Wing racing

Botany Bay based foiling will now be supported from GRSC, just south of Doll's Point at the mouth of Georges River. GRSC will be offering races for novices to experienced sailors weekly, with some races out on Botany Bay or the river based on weather while there is also the potential to run short course races or slalom on other weekends. If you want to get involved in the regular club racing or attend the season opener on Sunday 10th of September 2pm fun race and social dinner, then please let me know!

Wollarah Sailing Club has been running some Sunday races for windwings over winter out from on Rose Bay this winter with potential for more this summer. Get in touch with the club to find out more. WSC will also host a round of formula foil racing under the state

Bayview Yacht Racing Association will offer some foil races on Pitt Water this season. BYRA will also host a foil expo and a round of formula foil racing under the state

Marmong Point Sailing Club has a long history of supporting weekend racing on Lake Macquarie, open to all sailors regardless of equipment. The club is also supporting various state rounds as detailed

Foil Expo's x 4
We have organised two weekends to promote all types of foiling to the community.
23 September at Kurnell Cat Club - Kiteboarding Australia is running a season opener and gear demo.
7-8 October on Botany Bay at Georges River Sailing Club (GRSC)2 day foil expo with the potential for demo, lessons and discount one day race entry.We will have overflow parking available on the grassed area behind the club on McMillan Ave.
28-29 October at Bayview Yacht Racing Association (BYRA) Pittwater will be running a2 day foil expo with the potential for demo, lessons and discount one day race entry.
Lake Macquarie will also have afoil demo day, witheventdetails to follow.

5x NSW Fin/Foil/Slalom/GPS/WindWing events for the NSW State Slalom/GPS Series

21 & 22/Oct GPS/Slalom round @ Nelson Bay 2 day weekend slalom races
11 or 12/Nov GPS/Slalom best day @ Lake Macquarie
1 to 3/Dec NSW State Slalom Championships @ Myall Lakes 3 day Regatta
16 or 17/Dec GPS/Slalom best day @ Lake Macquarie
6 or 7/Jan 2024 GPS/Slalom best day @ Lake Macquarie

5x NSW Formula Foil, Free Foil, iQ and WindWing state regattas/events:
7 & 8/Oct @ GRSC (2 day regatta!) + Foil Expo on Botany Bay
14 or 15/Oct @ WSC (Sun, Option Sat) on Rose Bay
28 or 29/Oct @ BYRC (Sun, Option Sat) + Foil Expo on Pitt Water
4 or 5/Nov @ MPSC (Sun, Option Sat) on Lake Macquarie
26-28/Jan Aus Day 3 day long weekend Fri-Sun Season Finale - NSW State Formula Foil championship round at GRSC

National Championships, Oceanic Championships, Olympic Qualifier Regattas for FF/iQ/Wing/Kite at Sail Sydney:
This year we have the amazing opportunity of running the FF Downunder Pro and the Olympic iQ and Kite Qualifying events on Botany Bay
13-15/Dec3 days Formula Foil Nationals 'Downunder pro' with Free Foil, Formula Foil, Jnr iQ and Wind Wings
11-15/Dec 5 days Sail Sydney Olympic Qualifying Oceanics for iQ and Kites (prior weekend for equipment registration)

Youth WindFoil iQ and WindWing Camp
30/Sept - 2/Oct Australian Sailing is running an event on Lake Macquarie for the Youth Sail NSW
This event includes a 3 day clinic and the NSW Youth Champs.All U23 Wind and Wing foils are welcome. for more setails.

NoR & SI's to follow.

And remember the 3rd party insurance expires 31/August so you need to join a club to get your cover. Most of the club races can offer a cheap 1 day alternative to let you see what all the excitement is about before you commit to a full year. So have a go!

The Windsurfing NSW Committee hope you have a great season on the water!

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10 Sep 2023 11:12AM
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Please organise your accommodation for the state slalom titles first weekend in December Myall lakes.
ring them and tell them your a windsurfer for your discount.
I will have to release the last remaining camp sites to the public.
we would love to see people from any state attend and welcom fin , foil and wings it was a great success last year.
cheers GPS committee

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5 Oct 2023 3:34PM
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Get ready to race this weekend at Georges River Sailing Club (GRSC), south end of Botany Bay!

Park in the carpark at the end of McMillan Ave on the grass area (AND MAKE SURE TO CLOSE THE CHAIN BEHIND YOU!).
Rig in the carpark and walk to the sand or rig closer to the beach if you like
Visit the Foil Expo
Race on the bay... up/downwind likely on Saturday and Slalom on Sunday... weather dependent.
Stay for a beer or lemonade at the club after

Foil Expo from 10
Race Briefing at 1
Race start at 2

You MUST REGISTER to RACE on the WNSW Website:

Join a club such as KBA, GRSC, WSC, BYRA, MPSC, SGSC etc, pay the entry fee and race with us.

Last year we had a blast with a mix of windfoils and windwings at various events around NSW!

Race your mates and see who can bring it all together on the day!

1 lap races only need 2 tacks and 1 gybe if you can pull it together, for the upwind session.
2 lap races obviously require more maneuvers.
Slalom races typically need 3 or more gybes and no tacks.

Look forward to seeing you on the water!

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7 Oct 2023 11:07AM
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Foil expo on today only

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8 Oct 2023 9:30AM
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Great days racing yesterday... full updates and scores to follow. But based on the low wind forecast, and it being over the trees at Towra (gusty) we are reluctantly going to cancel racing today.
The option was to wait until 1-3pm at GRSC and see if the wind does build, but this appears unlikely at this stage so we will pull the plug today, and save everyone an afternoon. Rest assured, GRSC will be hosting more events on Sunday's so get ready to race, including reaching slalom soon. Details to follow in a new thread.

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12 Oct 2023 7:11PM
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Attention all windsurfers and windwingers! Don't miss the chance to join the fun and exciting race this Sunday, October 15th at Wollahra Sailing Club (WSC) on Rose Bay, with great views of the city.
The race briefing will be held at 2:00 PM and racing will take place from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM.RSL for dinner after racing :)Please arrive early as parking can be an issue at WSC. You might need to drop your gear as close to the boat ramp as you can get then park nearby. Some spots are available for 1, 3, and 12 hours.

The weather forecast is perfect for foiling, with a 10-15KT N/E seabreeze forecast.

Come and show off your skills, meet new friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

You must register at

To Bring:
Foiling Gear
Life Jacket / Impact Vest 50N
Good vibes

See you on the water! ??

2 Vickery Ave, Pannerong (Rose Bay), NSW 2029

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16 Oct 2023 8:38PM
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WNSW FFWW Round 2 at WSC on Rose Bay, NSW, AU

The wind was building 10-18kt NE as the boats went out to set the course, followed by a fleet of 5 windfoils and 7 windwings.

But as we arrived at Shark Island, the wind shifted to a SE and dropped to 8-15 with some later holes under 4! Such a shame as the conditions were perfect and the forecast was stable for 3 days.... damn it but we can't control the wind.

2 Races were run but the entire fleet struggled and no one made a full flying lap.

Scores to follow.

I was on my big gear...
* F4 1000 wide foil, 190 rear wing, 115+10 fuselage and not enough rear wing with -0.5 shim.
* Patrik V2 100 wide Formula Foil board, MB at 101
* Patrik Foil Sail 10.0m with too much downhaul for the wind-drop... :(

Justin was also on a 10m Gun and Loke Foil ~1000, Dave on 8.9m Duotone & Boss Foil ~1000, Roger on 9.5m Severne & SB Foil 900 ...

For the wings we saw a range of gear with Henry in the videos below in white
* 5.5m wing
* 750 (or 760) race foil
* tiny board

I found pumping more effective with a sharp down pressure on the back foot! So not a total right-off. Learning to build your skills is what racing is all about... seeing some of the others fly while struggling myself gave me inspiration to try bouncing the foil more, which helped!

We got some great images from my GoPro 360 and the boat cam.

Finally big thanks to Dan, Alex and WSC crew for hosting us.

Light wind gybe... with a view!

Henry Flying Tack

Plane vs WindWing

Start 1

Justin's side

Roger's Boom

Slow Gybe

See the Sea Plane

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16 Oct 2023 8:44PM
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WNSW FFWW Round 1 at GRSC on Botany Bay, Georges River, NSW, AU

Racing started with a fleet of 5 FF and 5 WW on a 8-15Kt SE wind.

We were encouraged by some building wind before the briefing but just as the countdown was getting close the wind shifted and dropped a few knots, so I was glad to have decided on a larger sail, leaving the 9m on the beach. Most of us went out with big gear confident with the flat water out the front of the club in the SE off-shore breeze.

Andrew from GRSC ran the show alone which was not ideal so we will endeavour to provide some more support in future.

It was good to see some new foil-racers and wind-wings come to the club and give foil racing a go.

We look forward to coming back for plenty more events to be announced soon.

Thanks to GRSC for hosting round 1.

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18 Oct 2023 11:35AM
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18 Oct 2023 2:12PM
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Note - Change of Schedule - BYRA delayed 1 month

Due to a number of reasons we have to postpone the next FFWW race at BYRA from 28-29 of October to 25-26 of November.
This event will also include a foil expo with some of the local suppliers on site along with Windwings, iQ, and even foiling dingies.

The race day is to be decided based on best wind forecast between 25th or 26th of Nov, to be announced by Thursday night 23rd.

5x NSW Formula Foil, Free Foil, iQ and WindWing state regattas/events:
DONE: 7/Oct @ GRSC (just 1 day regatta!) + Foil Expo on Botany Bay
DONE: 15/Oct @ WSC (Sun) on Rose Bay
POSTPONED... 28 or 29/Oct @ BYRC (Sun, Option Sat) + Foil Expo on Pitt Water
NEXT: 4 or 5/Nov @ MPSC (Sun, Option Sat) on Lake Macquarie
NEW: 28 or 29/Oct @ BYRC (Sun, Option Sat) + Foil Expo on Pitt Water
26-28/Jan Aus Day 3 day long weekend Fri-Sun Season Finale - NSW State Formula Foil championship round at GRSC

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18 Oct 2023 5:35PM
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5x NSW Formula Foil, Free Foil, iQ and WindWing state regattas/events:
DONE: 7/Oct @ GRSC (just 1 day regatta!) + Foil Expo on Botany Bay
DONE: 15/Oct @ WSC (Sun) on Rose Bay
POSTPONED... 28 or 29/Oct @ BYRC (Sun, Option Sat) + Foil Expo on Pitt Water
NEXT: 4 or 5/Nov @ MPSC (Sun, Option Sat) on Lake Macquarie
NEW: 25 or 26/Nov @ BYRC (Sun, Option Sat) + Foil Expo on Pitt Water
26-28/Jan Aus Day 3 day long weekend Fri-Sun Season Finale - NSW State Formula Foil championship round at GRSC

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22 Oct 2023 12:01PM
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Hi everyone
Dave has been kind enough to take care of scoring again this season.
Provisional results for the first 2 rounds are on the WNSW website.
Please take a look!

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2 Nov 2023 6:56PM
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Windsurfing NSW in combination with MPSC is pleased to announce the next round of course racing... Saturday on Lake Macquarie.

After a long discussion the crew has decided to hold the Formula Foil, iQ and WindWing course racing at Marmong Point Sailing Club on Saturday.

Rego from 11AM
Briefing 12 Noon
Racing from 1PM

The club offers convenience for the volunteers, shelter from any unwelcome rain and a good bunch of racers and local knowledge about where to go to avoid the worst of the seasonal jellies...

Remember to register on WNSW website.

This year we also have numbered bibs for the WindWing riders to help with identification.

The drive might be long (from Sydney) but the racing is worthwhile!

See you on Saturday.

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9 Nov 2023 11:01PM
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MPSC hosted a great day on the water... but a few more knots of wind would have been welcome.

The wind was a light 8-14 knot SE with some 4kt lulls and 16kt gusts so a day that favoured the larger gear, 1000 wide wings and 10.0m sails definitely helped in the light patches (as seen on my youtube videos and in the foiling threads).

Rob and Glen on the start boat set us of for a total of 7 races, with most only 1 lap so we could regroup and asses the conditions before going out again.

It was good to see some of the locals ace the starts, with Tibor and Barry doing well a few times, and other starts dominated by the Sydney gang including Dave, Roger and myself.

Racing is the best motivation to improve! When you see your rivals pumping up onto the foil and you can't means it is time to improve. I definitely learned a better pumping technique and saw a few guys get some encouragement seeing others flying. More at !

I put a few clips together to celebrate the day. Thanks again to the Lake Macquarie Crew for a great day out!

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21 Nov 2023 9:28PM
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Hi All,
I've updated the season's results to include the MPSC round. They can be viewed on the Windfoil & Wingfoil section of the WindsurfingNSW website:
After some deliberation I've included the one race where open fleet managed two laps. I've also added a separate results sheet for all the races sailed. As always, please let me know if there's anything that doesn't look right.


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21 Nov 2023 9:34PM
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Also note that the rescheduled Round 3 is planned for this weekend: 25 or 26/Nov @ BYRC (Sun, Option Sat)

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22 Nov 2023 11:20AM
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**** UPDATE ****

The rescheduled Round 3 has been postponed and will NOT be held this weekend.

BYRA will be holding the Lion Island Challenge this Sunday (26 Nov):

Round 3 will go ahead in the new year on a date to be determined.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

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Thursday , 23 Nov 2023 4:09PM
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Just to clarify, the Lion Island race is only open to yachts with motors, so windfoils can't compete but BYRA also has its regular Sunday racing if you still want your racing fix!


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