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Primbee 13/Nov/2016

Created by berowne > 9 months ago, 13 Nov 2016
NSW, 260 posts
13 Nov 2016 7:45PM
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40 Knots... well done Det!!!

The little water-proof camera doesn't zoom so well... especially with salt water on the lens.

NSW, 861 posts
13 Nov 2016 8:17PM
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Cheers Berowne. Really good idea to have a camera hanging from your neck to use when stopped. I'll have to bring my little waterproof one next time and get some shots of you.

PS. nearly didn't recognise myself riding a Severne :)

WA, 1575 posts
13 Nov 2016 8:04PM
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Nice. What sail & board combination.
I hope it gets windy here soon!

NSW, 89 posts
14 Nov 2016 9:00AM
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Loft Racing Blade 6.3, Naish SP95, Unifiber FWD Anti-weed 26. All felt really solid at that speed today. It actually helped by being gusty today. It meant the chop had some chance to calm down between gusts. It came down to picking the first bullets while the water state was still OK.

NSW, 48 posts
14 Nov 2016 3:03PM
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Thanks Berowne! Great day down there


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