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Freestyle @ The Train (slo mo video)

Created by Enzed 2 months ago, 18 Dec 2019
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18 Dec 2019 3:25PM
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Freestyle @ The Train

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18 Dec 2019 6:11PM
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Awesome to see some local SE Qld freestylin action. We only have 1 or 2 fresstylers here at GB. Lot of skill involved to pull off those moves.
So i cant figure why one of the better known GPSers gave our local freestyler a razzing recently...Asking 'Why waste your time doing that s^*t? '
Freestylin looks trick i reckon.

The Pom
QLD, 133 posts
5 Jan 2020 8:04PM
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Awesome to see this is super slow mo! Great work.

QLD, 7 posts
9 Feb 2020 7:40AM
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Nice vid and nice tricks. I'm still learning gybing so that stuffs a long way off.


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"Freestyle @ The Train (slo mo video)" started by Enzed