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Maroochy River / Cotton Tree

Created by plywoodboy Monday, 11 Feb 2019
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Monday , 11 Feb 2019 12:07PM
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Heading that way for a family thing this week and some big SE winds have me itching to bring a short board, can any recent visitors update me on the channel movements? Any sailing inside the bar or in the river in front of the camp ground would be great if there is enough water for the angle to be right, have had a few good sails in previous years and cannot find the forum thread sorry.
All advice gratefully accepted.
Peter H

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Monday , 11 Feb 2019 4:45PM
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Ask the kiting forum dude. They get there heaps??

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Monday , 11 Feb 2019 8:31PM
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Hey Peter.

I was up there a few days over Australia day long weekend. Only had a muck around sail on my sup inside the second bend. Was really shallow inside there. Worse than when I was there around Anzac day last year.
I don't think it would have been much fun at speed where I was on anything with a longish fin

Didn't make it into the main section near the mouth this trip. It was way too busy with Kites and Jetskis.
Maybe the outside channel could be a better option.

Crazy busy when we were there. Easy 50 or more easy ups on the beach on Australia Day.
I was flat out finding a place to get back to the beach on the way back.

Hopefully a bit quieter when you are there.

Cheers, Brad.

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Tuesday , 12 Feb 2019 8:14PM
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Sail straight off the beach from the car park to the RHS of the caravan park closer to the SLC , head out across tbe back of the bar , back into the river mouth etc, just need to avoid full outgoing tide , and don't sail too close to pincushion island, weird currents and even weirder wind there.
its a great spot to sail in med to high tides.

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Thursday , 14 Feb 2019 9:05PM
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Also if you want flat water and it's nuking, cross the river to twin waters and take off from 'Noojar' rd boat ramp head to the red marker near chambers island, it's gusty as and no good at low tide or full incoming.


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