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Yamba Windsurfing Session Video

Created by Philnott 3 months ago, 27 Oct 2019
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27 Oct 2019 6:21PM
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Check out a quick video of sailing at Yamba over the last few days!

QLD, 199 posts
27 Oct 2019 7:26PM
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Great video again Phil.

QLD, 125 posts
28 Oct 2019 7:45AM
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Good vid Phil, looks like a fun place to sail

Orange Whip
QLD, 692 posts
28 Oct 2019 7:46PM
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Hey mate, enjoyed your vid. Any chance of divulging precisely where that spot is at Yamba?

QLD, 550 posts
28 Oct 2019 8:30PM
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Have a look at link

Great Video Phil looks like you chose a great time to be at Yamba

Paddles B'mere
QLD, 2812 posts
29 Oct 2019 10:08AM
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Fun, fun, fun

NSW, 6871 posts
29 Oct 2019 3:46PM
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Looks great! Nice video.

QLD, 529 posts
30 Oct 2019 7:52AM
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Great Vid Phil I reckon it's your best.
Great Mob trip with three days of nice northerlies this place only works in this direction and lowish tides as the wall goes under on high tide.
We spent the three days on small to medium gear it is a gusty place due to the holes in the wall plus the hills on the other side of the river at Iluka. The river and the wall ends bends inwards so the wind tends to come down the river from the NE at Whitings beach end then NW at the other end. Great time on and off the water with upto 14 on the water at one stage maybe the most Yamba has ever seen.
Thanks everyone who came it was a hoot.

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31 Oct 2019 6:00PM
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Very nice vid. Looks like you guys had a ball. Yamba had a windsurfing shop in the main street back in the day with heaps of windsurfers at whiting and pippi.

QLD, 828 posts
1 Nov 2019 6:17AM
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Great video - it looks like you guys had a great time.

QLD, 5515 posts
1 Nov 2019 8:29AM
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Cool video Phil. Looks like a great spot.

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18 Dec 2019 6:54PM
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Great video - thanks for sharing


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