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Created by gav1 > 9 months ago, 19 Dec 2016
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19 Dec 2016 8:04PM
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19 Dec 2016 11:09PM
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WOW, thanks for sharing, that third photo is an absolute cracker!!!

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19 Dec 2016 9:16PM
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They're all great pics, we want MORE!!!!!!!??

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22 Dec 2016 10:12AM
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Ripping style Trent! Sweet shots Gav. Go Neil Street!

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22 Dec 2016 12:01PM
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Good Shots Gav!!!!!

Nice jumps too!!!!

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25 Dec 2016 11:53PM
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Hey Guys,

I am looking into getting some gear to go windsurfing around the Sunshine Coast and would like a few opinions on what to do. I live in Alexandra Headland and have heard that people go windsurfing at Golden beach and in the channel by Cotton Tree. What type of equipment are you guys using? and where do you go sailing?

I am on an intermediate level and can go up wind without centerboard, beach start, tack and pull off a gybe or two but wipe out every now and then :)
My weight is about 90kg and my previous set up was a Starboard Carve 161L with a SailSoft Cross 7m2 sail.

Would be great with some tips!

- Martin

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26 Dec 2016 9:13AM
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What's the ideal wind direction for neil st / moffat beach? Any recommendation for tmw Tuesday? - ie wave sailing

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26 Dec 2016 12:51PM
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Gotta be SE or SSE or even S but then it's a struggle to get it to the reef - easily doable but then you can't sail the inside section
Tomorrow easterly it won't work


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