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heading west

Created by waricle Two weeks ago, 31 Aug 2019
QLD, 667 posts
31 Aug 2019 8:35PM
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I'm bidding a fond goodbye to Brissie and heading to Perth. I will be based in Mandurah district so looking forward to making friends and sailing over there.
Had an opportunity to catch up with the Wello crowd today and say "see you later" and have a couple of pics of the aforementioned gentlemen.

I'm going to miss you guys and gals but hope to be posting some respectable times with my new mistral speed 95..

WA, 2891 posts
1 Sep 2019 2:16PM
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I look forward to catching up young fella

QLD, 68 posts
1 Sep 2019 9:50PM
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Great photos of the Wello crew Peter, I am sure WA sailing will be fantastic and sounds like you have purchased the perfect board to take to the west coast, safe travels

WA, 9365 posts
1 Sep 2019 10:52PM
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So when are we going to see you Peter?

Housing market in Mandurah seems to be picking up at the moment.

QLD, 126 posts
2 Sep 2019 2:44PM
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All the Best Peter

VIC, 2161 posts
2 Sep 2019 10:01PM
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I'd like to see the girl walking past to make thirteen guys stand at attention.
Twice .

QLD, 5488 posts
3 Sep 2019 6:23PM
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Cheers mate.

QLD, 1979 posts
3 Sep 2019 7:44PM
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Travel safely Peter. Enjoy Mandura. The 95 knows how to do 40+ and is heading home.

QLD, 428 posts
4 Sep 2019 4:28AM
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Our loss, WA's gain.
Safe travels Pete.

QLD, 545 posts
4 Sep 2019 2:28PM
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All the best in the West Pete. Enjoyed sailing with you. Cheers Greg (one of the VP mob)

QLD, 182 posts
4 Sep 2019 4:29PM
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We'll miss Pete - I will try & look you up when in WA for holidays next year - I'm sure you'll have some spare gear if needed (hint)
Safe travels.

QLD, 37 posts
4 Sep 2019 9:13PM
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WA is lucky to be getting you mate . our loss
Safe travels
Keep posting :-)

QLD, 823 posts
6 Sep 2019 3:53PM
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Sorry I missed sailing with you lately Peter but have a safe trip to WA and have fun

Morgs and Anita

WA, 886 posts
7 Sep 2019 3:00PM
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Good news Peter. It's about time we got a good one. The last couple of imports, we have got from FNQ, (Cane toads and Fairiebob) have been well dodgy.

QLD, 1015 posts
Tuesday , 10 Sep 2019 11:51AM
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Pete is on his way....

we we will miss him

Wagon loaded with Windsurfing gear. Portable home in tow .... living the dream

Paddles B'mere
QLD, 2439 posts
Thursday , 12 Sep 2019 10:30AM
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Indeed you will be missed Pete, even though you moved down with those Mexicans on the South side of the river you still kept your Sandstone/Bribie citizenship current

NSW, 5 posts
Thursday , 12 Sep 2019 11:25AM
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The West is the Best : ) Have fun!!

WA, 2891 posts
Thursday , 12 Sep 2019 9:35PM
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Peter when I first came here I stayed at the Miami Caravan Park, perfect as they have a gate to keep the Coodanup Tooth Fairy out


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