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Aeron Carbon Slim-Wave and Carbon Slalom/Race Review

Created by Kai2000 Two weeks ago, 29 Jun 2019
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29 Jun 2019 12:23PM
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I have used the Aeron carbon slim-wave boom in a range of different conditions from 15-30 knots. Due to their carbon construction, I find these booms to be sturdy, strong and light weight making them very comfortable to use on the water.
With its 24.5mm grip diameter, I can wrap my hands around the boom fully which gives a nice light feel. I've found this to provide greater control which makes sailing more comfortable, further increasing the performance with more control of the rig when sailing. In fully powered 4.2 conditions, the small diameter is a joy to use. The boom maintains its stiffness when jumping and wave riding with no flexing.
The slim-wave comes in two sizes; as shown below.

The 150-200 is suitable for all my wave sails from 4.2 up to my 5.7. It has a 24.5 diameter and is one of the slimmest booms on the market. It's super lite at 2.1 kg and has a nice wide tail profile with an easy to use cleat system. They are both easy to adjust and extend with ease to different sail sizes. The boom to mast clip on system is all one piece which makes things easier to rig up.
After 3 seasons on the slim wave booms, they have shown great durability and all the components have remained in a great working condition.

They are compatible for RDM and SDM masts with its slick removal shimmy.

I have also been using the Aeron Carbon Slalom/Race boom since the start of the 2018 WA season. When compared to the slim-wave boom, the slalom/race boom has a wider grip diameter which I find more comfortable and sturdy in slalom.
They come in 4 different sizes as listed below.

I have the 170-220 and that covers all my free ride sails from 4.8 to 6.6. It will also cover the race sails from 5.4 up to 8.6 range. These booms are also compatible with RDM and SDM masts. I have used the boom in up to 25 knots and it is rock solid with no flexing. With minimal outhaul, there are no issues with the sail rubbing on the boom as there is plenty of space due to the booms width.

For more info contact Windsurf System or check out their website.


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