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Fanatic freewave 2020 95 litre

Created by winddoc 30 days ago, 18 Aug 2019
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18 Aug 2019 9:17PM
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Out on my new 2020 board today. Traded in my 2019 model tempted by the promo .. best of stubby with speed.
First impressions is awe struck by the tail shape and overall outline ( check out the photo ). Board is 3cm.longer and one cm. wider.
wind 25 gusting 30 knots. 5.8 meter sail . Single fin configuration. This thing rips in the gybes. Super super quick
responding to foot prsessure setting the rails comparing to the old board. Haven't check the speed yet but is not
slow compared with the old one. I feel it doesn't point as high as the old board due to it's less parallel out lines.
Can't wait to take it out in more wavy bump and jump condition as I was mainly blasting in flat water. Must behave
very differently to the old board with the factory tri fin.

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18 Aug 2019 9:58PM
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Interesting move away from the more extreme stubby outline - with the increase in width and length (i.e. more extreme stubby's are shorter and narrower with the more parallel rails - as you suggested).

Now it looks like a halfway between the old FW STB and old FW.

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19 Aug 2019 5:41AM
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At least the new FW will fit in a board bag from the Pre Stubby era.

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19 Aug 2019 10:55PM
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I own a Fanatic Freewave stb 115 and although I agree that this size is a bit of an overstretch for a freewave, I'm very happy with it. What I like most, is how easily it points upwind. This gives me the confidence to push downwind for the plane and to risk difficult (for me) manoeuvers, without the fear of losing water. On the other hand, it really planes by itself, very similar to a freeride.


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