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Freeride & X Starboard 2020 Foil Board

Created by seanhogan 29 days ago, 19 Aug 2019
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19 Aug 2019 7:47AM
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Nice.... bloody nice !


with a sneak view of the new severne freefoil sail

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19 Aug 2019 8:19PM
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There is also a iFoil board with 91cm and 165 liter coming. Looks not as nasty as the 177 race foil monster board

Found at a german surf forum

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20 Aug 2019 4:35AM
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yes, seems this one is the proposal for the olympics

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20 Aug 2019 7:03AM
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There's so much going on in foiling that it's difficult to keep up - or even to be bothered.

But the development and diversification moves on at quite a pace.

Firstly there is the proposal to have some sort of foiling windsurfer as the windsurfing Olympic class, and of course the idea there is that solves the problem of needing to race at light wind Olympic venues and in other areas where dinghies are the thing.

In the PWA slalom racing has taken on its own life and there have been some excellent foil -only events so far. Again, the advantage for the racers is that they need less wind for races to be held. I watched some brilliant foiling racing recently. Impressive.

Recreational foiling is going somewhere too, with foils suiting many local windsurfing spots where the water is often flat and the wind unreliable. (I live in a windy place, so I personally have not been interested at all, so far.)

But the new development is perhaps even more interesting. A foil board when you can get out on when the wind is less than 20 knots - whilst using your existing rigs - is very interesting. Instead of a new wave board or a new freestyle board, I could buy a foil board and foil, and use my 5.3 rig to pump the foil into the air in 10 knot wind. Then maybe I could chuck the thing about, for fun, like I do with my current boards.
So, suddenly I'm interested.
And I think that's what Starboard's 'Foil X' is supposed to be about. Fits in the car. Can be used with existing rotational rigs.

Mind you. I gave up sailing International Moths when they added foils. This won't be for everybody.
And we don't want foils in our wave breaks, thank you.

QLD, 1206 posts
20 Aug 2019 10:42AM
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seanhogan said..
yes, seems this one is the proposal for the olympics

That board is for the kids and light weight like you.The proposed olympic board will be 95cm.

WA, 207 posts
20 Aug 2019 9:26AM
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I see the new ifoil 100 board ( foil / formula ) has adjustable wings for the rear straps like the older Patriks had :))



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