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Jp 79 FSW Pro 2019

Created by Jman 2 months ago, 20 Dec 2018
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20 Dec 2018 10:25PM
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Managed to get a couple of hours on the new 79 fsw tonight so will give a quick review.
Just a bit of background to why I decided on such a small fsw 1st. I was looking for a board to replace my Jp 83L thruster and liked the idea of a smaller fsw for the type of sailing I do which is mainly Port Phillip Bay b&j and the occasional trip down the coast so when I saw Jp had a new school shape and a 79L it got me interested.

So I got the chance to test the 79 in Maui and was instantly impressed with the way it jumped up on the plane compared to the other 84L wave board that I had hired, probably no suprise that the 79 fsw with the thicker tail and more fin would plane up earlier than a dedicated wave board.

So tonight I had a 5m on the 79 with wind about 23 gusting 25 and the board felt amazing, I was a bit worried that my Maui session had given me a unrealistic impression of the board but that was not the case. This board is fast and is easy on my old knees through the chop and I really rate the S Glass constuction for helping with that. I've had other boards that were supposed to be chop eaters but this is certainly an improvment on them.
The board is really easy to sail with a super comfy deck shape and a typical fsw footstrap spread well suited to big jumps and forwards and its actually pretty easy to tack with a bit of momentum.

So as far as the shape goes its nothing radical, the boys at the beach discribed it as new school meets old school with the new school shape up front and old school under the straps, suits me just fine!

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22 Dec 2018 8:33AM
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Nice looking board Jman

mr love
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22 Dec 2018 10:14AM
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Looks good Jerry but still got passed by the Love machine!!!

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5 Jan 2019 9:35AM
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I had a high wind b&j session last night which was the perfect test for the JP, fully powered on the 4.0 and rough Port Phillip Bay cross/on.
I was a bit worried that the board may be a bit fast for when I'm really powered and the wind swell is up but was very impressed with the way I could gybe the board in control. You can actually do a nice big arc or spin it around on its tail the board is very versatile.


Don't know why the youtube link won't work ??

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5 Jan 2019 4:08PM
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Nice vid! I had that size Jp Fsw in 2008 or around then, wish I didn't sell it, they are great boards

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13 Feb 2019 6:31PM
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Hello, I should also take the jp fsw 79 2019.
I am undecided, however, if I take 86.
I am 64 kg, I do windsurfing from 13 years on Garda Lake and I would use it with Peler from 20 knots up with sails 4 / 4.5 / 5.4, chop and gusty wind.
I start from the water but I would like to recover the sail in case of emergency.
do you recommend 79?
thank you


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