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RRD X-fire vs RRD Firerace

Created by mtob2008 > 9 months ago, 9 Dec 2010
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9 Dec 2010 10:02PM
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Hi I am Looking for a new board.

In the first place my eye felt on a X-fire 102 LTD V2. When I looked further I saw also the firerace 102 V2 W-tech.

Could someone explain to me the real difference of these 2 boards and also what would be the best board for me?

I am an experienced surfer who wants to go a step up. I have now a Futura 133 wood 2010 and want to go more in to speed. I use the following sails RAM F10 9.0 / F11 7.0 / F11 6.3

thanks in advance for your reaction


WA, 307 posts
11 Dec 2010 3:08PM
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Exactly the same board. The difference is in construction method. The xfire is a carbon and the fireace is a wood lay up. That is how it was explained to me. The full details are on the RRD website.

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11 Dec 2010 6:08PM
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Hi Col5555,

Thnxs for your reply. I looked at the site and The difference is the construction, the rail (more round), and the footstraps.

I wonder if it makes a big difference in speed and comfort.

As I already explained, I like to go a step up. My experience with Carbon is that it is very vulnerable.

I surf in choppy water and sometimes crash (yes I am). I surf with a Starboard Futura wood 133 and I think the construction of the Fire Race is similar.

I Can understand that in light wind the weight of the board is a big factor but in 20+kts. I wonder.

anyone experience with this?

WA, 41 posts
13 Dec 2010 4:51PM
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the shape of the two boards is EXACTLY the same. the fire-race is more durable, and will last longer. if your looking for efficient planing and acceleration in light winds then the x-fire is the one to go for. do not be put off by the fact that they are full-on slalom boards, they are very easy to sail and have great control in high winds.

WA, 377 posts
16 Dec 2010 4:21PM
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JasonC is correct.
The Fire Race is made in the same mould as the previous seasons X-Fire, which means that, for a month it will be the same as the current X-Fire, as the '11 models don't arrive until mid January.
They are a slightly heavier construction, but still pretty light.(I haven't got the scales in the shop), thought the'11 X-Fires 112 upwards will be full carbon, so they will be lighter.


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29 Dec 2010 2:22AM
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I am just about to take delivery of my new RRD FireRace v2 122 w tech.
I went for this as my light wind set up to use with 8.2 and 7.2 NP H2's.I am 77kg.
As the UK the beaches where I sail are stony and rocky or concrete I went for the slightly more durable finish...not so worried about the crashes, just dropping it on the way in or out.

But I see the board comes with a 48cm fin as std. The blurb says its for extra early planing...which sounds ideal in marginal stuff but wondered if I should also get something like a 44/42 if using with the 7.2 in a bit more wind?

...reading on here the stock fin sounds big?



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