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Severne Fox95

Created by Trucker Bob A week ago, 18 May 2017
Trucker Bob
WA, 3 posts
18 May 2017 10:19PM
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Loooooong time member, first post.
I am expecting a Severne Fox95 shortly. I have watched all the videos I can find
and have read everything to be found on the net.
Anyone have experience with this board? Any fin upgrades, stock fin is 32.
Thanks in advance, Bob

Orange Whip
QLD, 321 posts
19 May 2017 10:31PM
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Hey Bob, just curious, what was the driving force for your decision to buy a Fox? What board are you replacing? What aspect of the reviews of the Fox appeal? Are there performance reviews available for the Fox? Apologies for my potential ignorance

Trucker Bob
WA, 3 posts
19 May 2017 10:25PM
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Hi Whip, first off, I am 74 years old and also the fastest sailor, at 42.1 MPH, at my spot;
Bird Island Basin, Padre Island National Seashore, Corpus Christi, Texas, USA
The driving force for my getting the Fox95 is I want to have a comfortable but fast hi wind
board for 6.6 conditions on down. When it's real windy and bad direction we have what we call "voodo chop".
For those conditions I use a Falcon 90 slalom, Thommen CrossX 87 or a Quatro FSW 75.
Also the construction of the Fox is said to be the newest, best in the industry.

Below are two of the most relevant reviews I have come across.

It showed up at my dealer yesterday and is shipping to me today, I hope.

My two cents.
Regards, Bob

2557 posts
20 May 2017 4:32AM
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I tried it twice, really nice board(ie good looking), construction looks solid and light (?), incredibly fast to get on the plane, found the straps easily (as oposed to my patrik), wasn't impressed by it's gybing (released in the middle of the curve a few times), stock g10 fin not really helping either.
Good speed in chop not as fast as an Isonic but easier to ride at full speed.
Clocked a 30 in 14/15knts and big chop

Not a fan of the goretex valve, don't trust those things (but that's just personal)

Was considering one for rough conditions but won't buy a board with a power box considering how difficult it is to find good slalom/freerace PB fins.

QLD, 3 posts
20 May 2017 7:51AM
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Hi Bob,I'm similar age so comfort before speed.Had Fox 95 for couple of weeks now and used it few times.
Great board in choppy condition.Standard fin OK in windy condition but to small for 6.5 (at least for me).
Still finding my way around it but so far so good.Yes it's pity about power box specially when you have plenty of fins for turtle.

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20 May 2017 6:00AM
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ali16464 said..
Yes it's pity about power box specially when you have plenty of fins for turtle.

Indeed, but I do still try to avoid the turtles !!!!!

Mistral Nick
QLD, 336 posts
20 May 2017 11:52AM
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Andrew likes turtle soup

31 posts
20 May 2017 3:41PM
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Most brands will make you a powerbox version of their slalom fin if you ask them. I have ordered a few from iFins. Their Fight Club fin is very similar to the C3 Sting II which might be a good match for the Fox. Can one of you please try and let me know? ;) If it is a good match I know what board to buy next.

WA, 667 posts
20 May 2017 4:41PM
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Tribal fins come in power box. Weedspeed are fast too

QLD, 493 posts
20 May 2017 8:38PM
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Select and Black Project do pb versions of their fast fins. I have heaps of them.


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