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Simmer SCR 2019

Created by MattDowse A week ago, 7 Jan 2019
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7 Jan 2019 10:19PM
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I got my new 7m SCR just before Christmas and I have 2 sessions with it now.
First impressions very similar to the 2018 but lighter and slightly softer in the leach about half way between the 2017, 2018 SCR. I rigged straight to the settings the cam rotation was great straight out of the box and first session finished up with a 38knot 2sec peak on my 117 L board, the sail felt nice and light and powerful in 18-23knots of breeze. 2nd session was a bit stronger with gusts to 25 and finished up with a 39.8 2 sec peak once again on my 117L board! Can't wait to what it can do when connected to my 50w speed board!

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8 Jan 2019 3:16AM
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nice Matt.

and great speeds .

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8 Jan 2019 12:50PM
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Looks like a nice rig Matt. Great speeds on the big board too, well done!


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