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Simmer SCR 2019

Created by MattDowse 2 months ago, 7 Jan 2019
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7 Jan 2019 10:19PM
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I got my new 7m SCR just before Christmas and I have 2 sessions with it now.
First impressions very similar to the 2018 but lighter and slightly softer in the leach about half way between the 2017, 2018 SCR. I rigged straight to the settings the cam rotation was great straight out of the box and first session finished up with a 38knot 2sec peak on my 117 L board, the sail felt nice and light and powerful in 18-23knots of breeze. 2nd session was a bit stronger with gusts to 25 and finished up with a 39.8 2 sec peak once again on my 117L board! Can't wait to what it can do when connected to my 50w speed board!

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8 Jan 2019 3:16AM
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nice Matt.

and great speeds .

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8 Jan 2019 12:50PM
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Looks like a nice rig Matt. Great speeds on the big board too, well done!

31 Jan 2019 10:16AM
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Good write up Matt

Your right on your feedback for the new 2019 SCR sails

39.8 knot on a 117L board is impressive,,!!

I had the 6.3 and 7.0 on the water a few times now and they feel light and efficient in the hands.
Like you pointed the open leach is slightly further down in the sail and helps a lot on the top end control.
Rotation is perfect and easy and as usual they rigged on spec with no problems

Let us know when you had them on your speed board :)


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