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Simmer Style Quantum 115

Created by jh2703 > 9 months ago, 4 Oct 2018
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4 Oct 2018 2:39PM
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I've had the new G4 Quantum for a few weeks now and my first impressions are really good. I've got it as my light wind board and it seems to love those lighter wind days at Gerroa.

What's Simmer has to say about the G4 Quantum....

Wind Swell Design

The G4 Quantum is an evolution of the popular G3 shape designed for wind swell type wave sailing. Although it excels in onshore conditions, it is actually the most versatile wave board in the range, featuring a huge performance register and super easy sailing in any type of wave. Thanks to the five carbon slotboxes you can tune the board for a huge spectrum of conditions, from light wind to high-wind and from onshore to sideshore. Quantum is able to adapt and thrive in any environment.

Keeping with the popular traits in previous versions of Quantum, it is super loose and effective in smaller surf, but now it also handles bigger waves, with faster down the line riding capacity and snappy rail to rail turns. It also handles choppier conditions more effectively due to the single-to-double concave which absorbs chops and drives the water towards the fins with a slight V in the tail. This hull shape configuration creates a stability and control even in the most demanding conditions.
The wider and curvy outline allows Quantum to stay lively even when loaded with a larger sail.

This very effective volume distribution also allows the rider to choose a slightly bigger board yet still have drive in turns and a tight turning radius.

If you're looking for one board that does it all, Quantum is your weapon of choice.

Not really sure what "Electric Flex" means but this is one of the smoothest boards I've ridden

Mast base seems happy smack bang in the middle.

Yep a wave board that works at 115

The usual 5 fin slot box setup from Simmer for total versatility

The fins supplied are very light weight and flexy, They suit the board perfectly

More fins

Some nice concave in there to smooth out the ride

Like I mentioned first impressions are really good, The board cruises around nicely with one of the smoothest rides I've ever experienced windsurfing. The performance on the wave is also really nice, It loves a drawn out bottom turn and a late hit on the lip and doesn't mind jumping also. I've been out in up to overhead conditions and it doesn't bother the board at it's size, it actually punches out quite well riding over some big white water walls with ease.

Anyways as I get some more time on it I'll update the post.

If your interested head to and Jesper will be able to assist with hooking you up with a sweet Simmer Style G4 Quantum.

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6 Oct 2018 4:25AM
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Nice review.
I've sail it in x-on UK conditions, and echo your findings.
I've had one for a few a few weeks, I've sailed a lot of big boy wave boards (110kg) and this is the most fun and forgiving board I've ever sailed.


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