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Robe Some BIG fish about

Created by jimbob SA 1 month ago, 23 Jan 2019
jimbob SA
SA, 908 posts
23 Jan 2019 1:09PM
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Any wave crew gunna be around the long weekend keep a eye out for these 3 orcas hanging around. Pics from obelisk but plenty of pics/videos on Facebook of them at long beach and hanging right into town in front of pub.

VIC, 2410 posts
23 Jan 2019 7:02PM
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WOW, would have thought they'd be way south at this time of the year

WA, 1521 posts
24 Jan 2019 1:03PM
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We have had a young one here in the bay about 18 mths ago.
Scary drone footage on FB of 3 swimming with a lady who was out for her morning swim. She came in then went out with them again so the drone could record it.


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"Robe Some BIG fish about" started by jimbob SA