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people to windsurf with in South Australia

Created by scoota1977 2 months ago, 20 Dec 2018
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20 Dec 2018 3:29PM
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hi Everyone , have not sailed for maybe 10 years , am looking for people in Adelaide that sail in Goolwa
just purchased new gear, am keen to get out on the water again
hoping this Saturday 22nd December

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20 Dec 2018 9:25PM
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I was a beginner 10 years ago sailing Goolwa (when it was known as the alpha channel). I don't sail there much now days, but if I do, I'll probably bump into you no doubt. If you drive up to Boggy lake, there's more sailors there.


Forums > Windsurfing   South Australia

"people to windsurf with in South Australia" started by scoota1977