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Buying secondhand Windsurfing gear in Tasmania

Created by geared4knots 6 months ago, 26 Sep 2018
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26 Sep 2018 9:05PM
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That time of year were everyone is looking for some gear.
This post is for beginners or someone getting back in the sport after 20 years!

So many times i have had people come to me and say " i just bought this to learn on", or getting back into it..
Unfortunately very often it is a 'sinker' from the 90s of a big old skinny heavy 'funboard' from the 80s.
All totally inappropriate for learning---- or enjoying windsurfing in 2018.. This gear is obsolete and hinders learning to windsurf as well as disappointing to those getting back from 20-30 years ago.

So hopefully people searching the net for " Windsurf gear in Tasmania" will find this post .
Buy from:
Seabreeze classifieds- with advice from an expert (local shop or sailors before you make the purchase)
Buy OR ask advice from the local shop ( one in North Tas and one in South Tas)
Look and ask on Tassies two facebook pages being...
FB ' Tassie Windsurfing Buy, Sell & Chat'
FB ' Windsurfing Tasmania'
Best advice is ask a regular / local windsurfer in Tasmania if your purchase is correct OR Someone who windsurfs regularly now!
Not someone who used to windsurf 10 -20-30 years ago. BAD MISTAKE
and NOT THE SELLER ( unless they are one of above).
Windsurfing gear is expensive , but there is some good modern gear that can be found at reasonable prices.

Hope this is helpful.

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27 Sep 2018 9:37AM
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Modern stuff like this...

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27 Sep 2018 4:49PM
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That is epic Hasn't changed a bit, same silly look on his face. That's a classic. Looks like a Goats Session. Post some more from back in the day.

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27 Sep 2018 8:50PM
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There's some gold in the Relic Archive.

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28 Sep 2018 8:06AM
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Relic said..
Modern stuff like this...

That boom!!!!!! I want one

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11 Oct 2018 6:07PM
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Thanks for the buying tips - your description suits me perfectly. let's just say its been a while.

I'll go and see Damian W.

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13 Oct 2018 8:41AM
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I've just had a request from a friend who has gear very similar to the photos. He's looking for something more modern in the gentle sailing category (ie longboard/centreboard). I've suggested hiring a WT Rio to start with and I can loan him some rig to get him hooked

If there's anyone out there looking to sell a longer board from this century, let me know. Budget constraints apply.
Cheers, Mort


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