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Created by Relic 8 months ago, 11 Aug 2018
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11 Aug 2018 7:27AM
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I know Some you use seats. I haven't used one since the 90's when they were pretty crude in design. I've used a waist harness more recently. I need to remove pressure from my lower back. To be specific the pushing inwards of the lining of the harness.
Is anyone using one that takes the load on the hips and or doesn't push into the lower back?
I know all the pros, cons and polarised opinions about seat vs waist. I'm just trying to narrow the options to a harness that will do the above.

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11 Aug 2018 6:06PM
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I have a Severne seat harness that I only use on occasion. You're welcome to try it out. I also have some longer harness lines to suit if you need them.

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12 Aug 2018 9:05AM
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I use both Relic & find there is no foam pressure with the seat harness. I have a Severne POD if you want to try that.

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12 Aug 2018 9:12AM
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For wavesailing and bump and jump were you reallyb want a waist harness perhaps a hybrid waist might be an option.
The one below is exactly the same as a normal Fling Objects waist with seat attached , allows you to get benefits of a higher waist with more the load support of a seat.
The Flying objects Transit waist , Ion do a few as well.
Fos uses one- might be worth checking his out.

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12 Aug 2018 6:34PM
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Thats the one i use, its lasted about 4 years(Still going) For slalom and flatwater it is great.

Id offer a trial but it jight be a bit big

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13 Aug 2018 8:26AM
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Hey paul
I find with the seat that my back actually feels better after a sail...supports the lower back

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13 Aug 2018 10:20AM
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I think it is the different way it is used.
With a waist harness you lean out and put a load on the back pulling away from the boom and leaning backwards to get the harness engaged and locked with your legs.

With a seat harness you tend to bend your knees and sink into the harness to pull down on the boom and flatten the board.

That's my 2c worth.
I do prefer seat harness because they are easy and don't hurt my back. - a lazy style of riding.
When int he waves, Pole dancing or tea bagging, i prefer the waist it puts thing higher for easier in out and turning.
because I'm so rad and extreme windsurfing


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