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Mast foot extensions

Created by tassiesnafu > 9 months ago, 11 Feb 2017
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11 Feb 2017 1:44PM
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Hi there
Im a newbie to the sailboarding side of Seabreeze.
I found this old Windrush Fun 11 on the Hobart tip. It seems to be in reasonable condition and I'd like to get it up and running. I've got a few masts and some old sails and booms but am missing a mast foot/ extension that would allow me to fit the mast. The one in the picture doesn't fit.
If anyone has one laying around surplus to requirements and would like it to go to a good home I'd be most appreciative.

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11 Feb 2017 9:37PM
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you will have real problems finding this fitting. so old!!!! 1990 or earlier
Now they are all universal among all brands luckily.
The best option is buy a modern fitting and retro fit it to the old-
i have them here in lauderdale.

TAS, 667 posts
12 Feb 2017 11:39AM
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Agree with Damien- it would be about 1987 I reckon. Just make sure you don't lock the mast track into a fixed position where it cannot slide back and forth. You could prob fit a new fitting to this board.


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15 Feb 2017 8:51AM
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Took this photo a couple of years back.

I concluded it must have been a pretty valuable tree given the owner decided to chain it to a Windsurfer Regatta to prevent it from being stolen!!

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15 Feb 2017 7:44PM
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That's a "Cassic" Macracarpa chained to the Original Windsurfer, which are difficult to find in useful condition at over 35 years old. Sadly most have gone brittle and snap when sailed. A good one is a collector's item!


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