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Pond engine block's new home!

Created by WickedP > 9 months ago, 4 Dec 2017
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4 Dec 2017 7:03PM
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Hi folks,

my once a millennium posting!

A few weeks a go a few wishful thinkers were gathering in the pond waiting for the sea breeze to arrive. While there we decided to take advantage of the 2.5 knots and low tide to remove the engine block and rocks near the launch area. A few spare hands made light work of the rock gardening and the block has now been given a new home down along the end of the 'bushy point'. Some pics:

Removing the rocks:

Rock gardening:

Rocks gone:

Prepping the block:

Away she goes:

The journey looking back:

The final resting place:

Surprised no one ever came a cropper on this, how many fins have gone passed it over the years? Shout out to those that lent a hand, and to Cafe Latte and Buzzy for sticking their cars on the sand.


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4 Dec 2017 9:52PM
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4 Dec 2017 11:21PM
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Make sure Jordan knows it's there have seen him boosting over that point and also land in there once

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5 Dec 2017 5:45AM
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Bellbuoy next!

Coupla rocks.
Coupla blokes
Coupla days


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