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Stanley weekend pub dinner

Created by bearhoover > 9 months ago, 28 Feb 2017
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28 Feb 2017 11:22AM
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The Stanley hotel is the premiere location for meals in Stanley. We are planning to have dinner their on Saturday the 11th as part of the weekends activities.

Being the peak season we need to book to get a table. If your coming and would like to join us please post here or shoot me a PM and we will do the bookings on the 3rd March.

Mushroom sauce and herb bread... almost more important than the wind

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28 Feb 2017 11:28AM
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Add Alan, Myself + three kids to the list

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28 Feb 2017 7:22PM
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I'm in for 1.

anthony perkins
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1 Mar 2017 5:33PM
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Hi Ben, shanli and I would love to be added to the table
Cheers mate

T 11
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2 Mar 2017 6:40AM
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Good job Ben put me down for 2 thanks

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2 Mar 2017 8:57AM
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2 for me thanks Ben


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