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The first sail of the year - Lagoon Beach

Created by Gillianv > 9 months ago, 2 Jan 2018
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2 Jan 2018 10:04AM
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A great day at Lagoon yesterday, in perfect conditions, smooth and fast
Its going to be a good start to 2018 with the next few days looking windy up North.


Chris , Wendy and Sanden

Sanden moving very fast

Speedster 'big' James


Chris and Lachy


Theo , 'little' James and Gill



'little' James

Theo & Sanden

George and Chris

Lachy moving fast

The young guns having a well deserved rest

ultra glide
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2 Jan 2018 12:23PM
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Happy New Year to Lagoon shed very slick kit the juniors are riding into the future on.... they have improved in leaps and bounds since mid March last year when we enjoyed your warm hospitality....fond memories of our trip to Tassy and Tasty Tamar......that Devils corner pinot cuvee was just right this xmas..
looks like the beach has become wider and more sand or is that just the tide......

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2 Jan 2018 2:48PM
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Great Photos Gill

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3 Jan 2018 9:31PM
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give the young boys in the front a beer.!, plenty to share behind.
terrible example to the youth who watch this forum.
looks like a great day!

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5 Jan 2018 11:08AM
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After days of fabulous Lagoon bay sailing the boys are improving at a great pace
Sanden with a 2.6 on the Fox
James and Lachy

Lachy with a 2.5 on a J.P


Theo, Chop hopping

James with a 4.2 on a Bic

Lachy and James


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5 Jan 2018 6:03PM
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Top shot of James holding the Bic flat and going hard (last photo). Ben F will be proud that it's gone to a good home.
Also, interesting to see from the earlier shots, the front of the Gemini is not always going in the same direction as the back end......
Great fun having plenty of crew for the "big" board.
Top day out, keep 'em going.


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