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Created by clarence > 9 months ago, 21 Mar 2017
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21 Mar 2017 2:06PM
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Hi all,

As a quick update to everyone, after the AGM in Stanley on 11/3/17 we have a new committee of Windsurfing Tasmania.

There is a lot going on at a Committee level, and in the coming weeks myself (president) and/or Gillian (secretary) will provide updates on various matters of interest to WT members and windsurfers generally.

There are several long serving committee members who, although they have not been nearly as active in recent years, have done loads to promote windsurfing in Tasmania over many years. Anthony Houston and David Morehead are two standouts.

I think we owe a load of gratitude to these guys for promoting and fostering the sport in Tasmania. To see 10-15 or more sailors out in both the north and south on a good day is testament to how successful this promotion has been. To see how many juniors there are on the water, and level of skill across the board generally, is pretty special. This doesn't happen by accident.

PS since original post, there are a few others who deserve specific recognition: notably Damien Wallace and Paul Tenteye for working so hard to keep new enthusiasts coming through the ranks with the learner boards. This is a big commitment over many years also. Thanks guys.



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